My Dream Roster for the Adult “Losers Club”

Since just about every other movie blog are offering their choices for the adult “The Losers Club” for Chapter Two of 2017’s “It,” I thought it’d be fun to offer my own dream cast. A lot of people agree that once “It” shifts over to the adult portion of its horror tale that it kind of loses steam (the 1990 miniseries fell victim to that, especially), so with Andres Muschietti planning some interesting twists that will explore Pennywise’s horrific origins, as well as where they’ve been for almost thirty years, the adult cast needs to be dynamic.

I’m sure they have some amazing actors in mind, since the casting for “It” was pretty superb, already. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy who they bring on board, eventually. What can I say? “It” filled with me enough confidence where I am sure that they know what they’re doing with this adaptation. But just for fun, here’s who I’d pick for the Loser’s Club when we meet them again twenty seven years later.

Who are your ideal choices? Let me know!

Bill Denbrough – Peter Sarsgaard
Bill is described as bald in the novel, but since the miniseries took some liberties, I wouldn’t be opposed to Bill having some hair in chapter two. Sarsgaard can lend the sequel some major arthouse credit, and Sarsgaard is no stranger to starring in menacing movies, starring in films like “The Skeleton Key,” and playing evil in “Boys Don’t Cry,” and he do well playing a frumpy writer who is thrust back in to his childhood once more.

Richie Dozier – Bill Hader
Hader is great at playing a straight man and a comedic foil, and as Dozier, he’d be great as an older man prone to running his mouth as a means of compensating for his fright and nervousness, the same he did as a child. I think Hader would be excellent as an older Dozier whose façade of humor in the face of Pennywise would be much more transparent, allowing Pennywise to chip away at his humor much easier this time around.

Stanley Uris – Adam Driver
Driver is a very in vogue and strong actor and his role as Uris would be what would help rocket “Chapter Two” to infamy. Stanley Uris is a very unassuming man with a lot of resentment and scars from his experience with Pennywise, and Driver would do a wonderful job with the very important piece of the Loser’s Club that sets the stage for part two.

Eddie Kaspbrak – Paul Schneider
Schneider was very good in the uneasy and eerie “Channel Zero,” the horror series based on the Creepy Pasta tale of “Candle Cove.” Schneider is one of the more unassuming character actors working today and I think he’d do a bang up job as the very emasculated and somewhat meek Eddie Kaspbrak who’s convinced himself he’s quite sick, despite evidence of growing up with an over protective mother whose desire to keep Eddie sick bordered on Munchausen’s syndrome.

Ben Hanscom – David Harbour
It might be a bit on the nose with Finn Wolfhard from “Stranger Things” playing Richie in part one to bring on Harbour, but I think Harbour can lend the character of Ben a lot of warmth and compassion and play the character as someone who’s changed his life but deep down is still the overweight meek book worm who was ostracized for his appearance. I also think he’d have a great chemistry with Jones fostering unrequited love for such a long time.

Beverly Marsh – Felicity Jones
I first went to Amy Adams, since she did a good job playing a girl from the wrong side of the tracks in “The Fighter,” but I think Felicity Jones could do a wonderful job portraying the broken but beautiful Beverly, who fought hard to leave Derry and her reputation behind, and has to once again come face to face with the person everyone painted her as. Jones has interesting tones of vulnerability, and could work well with the ensemble.

Mike Hanlon – Colman Domingo
Mike is the gate keeper of the information in Derry Maine, one of the few people who stood behind in town, and is tasked with bringing together the Loser’s Club once again. Bringing on a strong performer like Colman Domingo, whose performance in “Fear the Walking Dead” is one of the few highlights of the series, could work wonders. He would be great in the ensemble as the man burdened with the knowledge of Pennywise who has to re-unite his old friends or else doom another generation of children, and he deserves a big role like Mike to prove he’s leading man material.