Camp Death III in 2D! (2018) [Sin City Horror Fest 2018]

This horror parody takes on the Friday the 13th franchise and other teens in the woods/camp in peril and gives it all a comedic spin. Here the campers are under threat from a copycat killer who is willing to go pretty far to get his kills, all in glorious 2D!

Created and directed by Matt Frame from his own screenplay with a story by Chris Allen, Katherine Alpen, Darren Andrichuk, Leonie Armstrong, Shawn Bordoff, Emma Docker, Kyle Fines, Matt Frame, Petar Gagic, Angela Galanopoulos, Deb Graf, Niall King, Dave Peniuk, Hans Potter, Nathan Robinson, Nikki Wallin, Starlise Waschuk, and Molly Wilson, the film feels a bit like a mish mosh of ideas all thrown at the screen to see which ones would stick. In Camp Death III in 2D! a few of the many stick here and there, but far too many fall flat or just fail to consider the film actually good. Bits and pieces are entertaining but they are too far, few in between, and surrounded by either bad ideas or jokes that don’t work. The writing and directing do what they can with the content, but the film ends up feeling like it’s all over the place.

The cast is composed of the people who created the story here and a few other people who got to join them. The performances mostly range from ok to greatly exaggerated giving the film more unevenness on screen than it already had. Thankfully, most performances show the actors having some fun and some of it is definitely contagious thankfully. A few performances rise up above the rest for a variety of reasons, not all good. One that does so far positive reasons is that of Angela Galanopoulos as Rachel Diaz, her work here shows some depth even given the material and an interest in making her character come across as human amidst the chaos and visual cacophony around her. She is basically the best part of a film filled with characters named Johan Van Damme, Mel Boogjumper, and Scrotar The Squirrel.

The film itself is well shot and well edited by Matt Frame, giving the story decent visuals to rely on. While these are not groundbreaking in any way or even particularly artistic, the images look good and the film’s flow works well for the material presented, creating rhythm for it and moving it forward without it feeling long.

Camp Death III in 2D! lives up fairly well to its tagline that claims “this movie is stupid” as it is. In terms of entertainment, the film has a few good bits here and there but it’s a mess that seems to lack a true direction story wise. Given the number of people involved with creating the story, it may be a case of “too many cooks: that lead to the film feeling like something is missing. The direction and cast seem to be giving it their all but as a while, the film is unfortunately not great.