Five Horror Villains I want to See Come Back

This month, fans got a glimpse at the up and coming return of “Candyman,” and by all accounts it’s a movie that promises to give us a fresh horrific return in to the world of nineties maniac once again. The famed horror icon is back and angrier than ever and the horror community is excited to see the hook handed demon return. With that said, here are five other horror villains I hope to see make a return very soon, as they’ve all been stuck in limbo for a while.

Which horror maniac would you choose to make a comeback to the big screen?

5. Leslie Vernon
It’s a shame we’ve only gotten one movie featuring the maniacal Leslie Vernon who makes being a slasher an art form. Hopefully someday soon we can see Leslie Vernon return to the big screen, prepared to take down a new breed of teenagers, especially in the age of social media and the like. A Leslie Vernon more concerned with flaunting his skills on the dark web and becoming a exhibitionist would be quite excellent.

4. The Creeper
The Creeper is an awesome movie monster that is capable of bringing with him a ton of mythos and fascinating character elements. If he ever gets out of the shadow of his creator who is a convicted child molester, I’d love to see them start from square one, digging in to the beast’s enigmatic origins, his powers and whether his ability to regenerate is based around the supernatural or pure evolutionary science. In either case, The Creeper is still a fun monster that should make a come back.

3. Freddy Krueger
With the rights up in the air, Robert Englund unsure if he’ll even come back at all, and fans seemingly unwilling to accept anyone but Englund as Krueger, this is going to be a tricky reboot. We could go back in time with a younger actor as Krueger, or maybe Krueger could pass on his life force to a younger essence who’d then become the new Krueger. Hell, just dump a truck filled with money on Englund’s lawn, and beg him to come back one more time. In either case, Krueger deserves a fun comeback after the 2010 remake debacle.

2. Sam
Although Michael Dougherty has promised Sam will make a return, we’ve yet to actually see “Trick r Treat 2,” yet. After Dougherty announced developing “Trick r Treat 2,” he explained years later that it’s a hard task to pull off, as he doesn’t want to deliver a sub-par sequel, or a sequel that diminishes the value of the original anthology. That’s a fair point. In either case, at the very least, Sam is still a very popular horror character becoming a Halloween mascot alongside Michael Meyers.

1. Jason Voorhees
Voorhees intellectual and cinematic rights are also in limbo at the moment and the likelihood of us ever getting a sequel or reboot of the series in the next five years is… in doubt. Nowadays whenever there are questions about a new “Friday the 13th,” there’s always a collective shrug and “We’ll see” delivered to fans by the rights holders and studio. In either case, I’d love to see Jason return in full force someday very soon, bigger, meaner, and more vicious than ever, and prepared to hunt down a new generation of teens. I needs my fix.