Interviewing Horror Actress Trista Robinson [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Trista Robinson is a horror actress and avid podcaster who dabbles in various film projects and media that involves the horror genre including film and literature. With a popular podcast and a slew of horror film projects coming up, Ms. Robinson discusses what inspires her and fuels her love for the genre.

Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Hi! I’m Trista Robinson. I specialize in independent horror. I am an actor and I also co-host a live weekly audio and video podcast called Without Your Head.

What is it that attracts you the horror genre for your chosen field of creative work?
I was the only child of a single father for several years and our favorite activity was watching horror. The films were exciting and scary and also helped us bond. Now all of my friends work in horror and it’s still how I connect with my community. I think it can be a very visceral genre and I am a visceral actor, so it is a good fit.

Who inspires you in your work and in life?
Most of my friends are filmmakers and I am very inspired by the tenacity and persistence it takes to create something and put it forth into the world. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the immense strength and selflessness of essential and front line workers that have been working so hard and helping to keep us safe. Very inspirational and humbling, indeed.

Women in horror have made great strides, but it’s clear that a lot of work is still needed to make it a most inclusive genre. To you, what is the importance of a movement like Women in Horror Month?
Well, I spent a lot of time being embarrassed about my love of horror. I hid it because I didn’t know any other girls who shared my interest. Representation is important for evolution. People should know it’s okay to be who they are. I am an actor, but one of my favorite things about Women in Horror Month is learning more about women working behind the scenes, who don’t always have the spotlight. Additionally, booking guests for Without Your Head has taught me how much I love celebrating and sharing other creators’ talents. Women in Horror Month has become a way for me to delight in other women’s work in my field and I think that education can serve to make me better at what I do.

What would you tell an up-and-coming creative in the world of horror who sees that being a woman/identifying as a women as something that makes it so much more difficult at times?
People may underestimate you, talk over you, take you for granted. But you can make your work speak for itself. You don’t really need permission for that and nobody can take it away from you.

What are your favorite bits of helpful advice that you have received about your work or your field?
My middle school science teacher had a list of worst career choices and there was actor at the very top. We never had a discussion about it but that loomed large in my mind. I knew it would be difficult. I think it’s important not to be too idealistic and to be fully aware of the challenges that go along with pursuing a career in the arts. At conservatory, an acting teacher once asked our classroom why we had chosen to be actors. Most of the students had flowery, eloquent responses and I replied simply that for me, acting was better than not acting. His response was that I was screwed. I have found this to be accurate yet worth it.

In honor of celebrating Women in Horror Month, who do you believe viewers should keep an eye on in terms of the creative ladies in horror?
Laurence Avenet-Bradley and Sophia Cacciola are both cinematographers that I admire. They are really well rounded artists and just lovely to work with.

What do you have coming soon that you can talk to us about?
In a bit of a departure from horror, I have a western that will be available on most streaming platforms in April. I also have a short film called Queen of the Dead currently making the festival rounds. I recently worked on a project with Linnea Quigley who is another woman in horror that I admire which should release soon. Obviously many projects were postponed due to COVID but I look forward to resuming Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco which also stars Linnea and several other amazing women who consistently contribute to the genre. I will also be finishing up a top secret project with Sophia Cacciola and Michael Epstein. Whenever I am not shooting I co-host the Without Your Head Network’s flagship podcast as Treacherous Trista alongside Nasty Neal and Terrible Troy. We do live shows every Thursdays at 4pm pacific time and pepper in extra interviews throughout the week.

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