Blackstock Boneyard (2021) 

Loosely based on a true story, two brothers are framed and found guilty of crimes they did not commit in order for local leaders to take their land. A century later, a young woman is called to the same town to inherit part of that land. Once she arrives, things take a turn for the slasher-y. 

Written by Stephen George and directed by Andre Alfa, the film feels like something that should have been a lot better and could have been a huge opportunity to bring a massive injustice to light. Instead, it takes the revenge slasher route and gives the viewer something that feels completely predictable. Once the open scenes move from the true story the film is inspired by (or an interpretation of these moments), the film introduces 4 young women going to the town where things are about to go massively wrong for them. Once in town, things do go wrong and supernatural killers rise from the other side to come and kill all the descendants of those who wronged them as well as a few more people. If this sounds like it’s something that’s been seen before, it’s because it is. Film has good bones and a good starting point, but the way things develop makes it go into generic territory pretty fast. 

Normally, here would be where the cast is discussed, but honestly, 24 hours after watching the film, none of the performances stood out. Literally everyone did just ok. There was not great or awful performance, it was all just middle of the road. This is something that is not all that much fun in that at least with some wildly bad performances or aspects to a film (when there isn’t all that much that’s great), it makes it something that is fun to watch. 

Something that is variable as can be here is the quality of the effects and they go from great to absolutely horrible which is a source of entertainment here. There is a scene in particular that looks fantastic which looks like a mix of practical and CGI effects and it works. Other scenes use CGI blood and while some film make great use of that, this film just does not. Their CG blood is just bad, it looks like a cartoon layered on top of the scenes, just not on point. 

Touted as similar to Candyman, Blackstock Boneyard does not bare that many connections with the horror classic and comparing the two does Blackstock Boneyard no favor. This is a film with a few good moments here and there and some mild scares, it is however not all that scary and it has more down sides than upsides unfortunately. This means that while it has good intentions and tries to be an effective film, it is not all that successful in the end. The film ends up feeling like a missed opportunity.