Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics [Hardcover]

The Newest Book in The Turner Classic Movies home Library, “Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics” is a refreshing and entertaining movie guide for the folks that love summer. If you’re big in to the season and love film, John Malahy’s hardcover guide is just what you need. While the book has every chance to be a superficial look at more popular summer movies, author Malahy digs deep, offering a wonderful variety of summer themed movies.

There are thirty great essays about various movies set during the season. Malahy amps up the guide by suggesting similar films to what he writes about and even suggests a potential vacation spots and getaways to help improve your cinematic experience. Featured, among many, are classics like the family drama “On Golden Pond,” the iconic Marilyn Monroe romance “The Seven Year Itch,” and the period romance musical “Dirty Dancing.” As well there’s the inclusion of challenging films like Spike Lee’s turbulent drama “Do the Right Thing,” and the excellent Richard Linklater romance “Before Sunrise.”

Author Malahy is good about switching up the monotony, discussing dramas, comedies, musicals, foreign films, sports films, and yes, even the classic teen beach movies. Author Malahy digs deep in to the aforementioned, discussing the silly pop Sandra Dee starring adventure “Gidget,” and the classic Frankie and Annette romp “Beach Blanket Bingo.” At 186 pages, John Malahy’s “Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics” is both a lifestyle guide and a movie guide, and it’s one that’ll work well as a look in to perhaps some of the best films of its ilk. It’s a very light and breezy read that will definitely put fans of the summer season in just the right mood.

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