Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

mp-holygrailEver since I was a kid I’ve always heard about “Monty Python”, but I never knew what they were famous for. Then I became older and learned about them from my uncle. Later on, I decided to try them out, so I bought “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”, my uncle told me that if I wanted to be introduced to “Monty Python”, this movie would be the perfect place to start. Monty Python is definitely not for folks used to the conventional and humdrum. They’re bold, and often gutsy in their skill sets to arouse laughter from audiences.

“Maybe you’ll find them hilarious and maybe you just won’t get them,” my uncle said. And thankfully I was a fan instantly. I was sort of nervous putting the tape into the VCR, because I was hoping to god this wouldn’t be an awful movie. You know what?…I was wrong. This has to be one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It starts off immediately with the opening credits, telling you that the people who sacked the people who sacked the people have been sacked, then we get some very funny sub-titles, then we go off into the movie which starts off like a serious one, but delves us into the most hilarious sketches.

From the witch trial, to the snotty French knights, to the coconut’s horses, to the assembling of the knights of the round table, to the cult with the virgin women, to the boy who seems like a girl, to a wedding massacre, to the dumb guards of the prince, to the Black knight (“‘Tis but a flesh wound!” and “I’ll bite your knees off!”), to the knights who say NE! To the murderous demon rabbit in the cave (I soiled me armor I was so scared) , to Tim the enchanter, to crossing the bridge of death with the questions three, to the annoying singer making fun of Sir Robin, to a very funny imitation of the Trojan Horse scam, and the “Bring out your Dead!” sketch.

This movie is by and large one of the greats of the genre, and arguably the best cinematic offering from the Python group. You have to love “Life of Brian,” but for non-stop laughs I turn to “The Holy Grail.” I couldn’t believe how utterly hilarious this was, especially when you consider most comedies can peter out by the finale. The momentum is kept respectable, and maintains its comic punch right through the end credits, and you almost want to turn back and watch it all over again. Comedy fans looking for something completely different, would be wise to check out “The Holy Grail”; It’s a hilarious demented comedy that you’ll be quoting for weeks.