Scary Movie 2 (2001)

movie424Anna Faris returns as the inept and goofy Cindy Campbell and is recruited along with her friends to “Hell house” for the weekend where a professor claims they’re there for dream studies but instead are there to have the crap scared out of them by ghosts. This is nothing compared to the original “Scary Movie” at all. First off, the comedy timing and jokes are off, poorly timed and lame as hell. There is nonstop sexual innuendos and bathroom jokes that are laughable but not because they’re funny.

I found myself sighing at the ridiculousness of the movies jokes. Why the Wayans Brothers sold out by making this is beyond me. The characters are crappy, the references to movies like “Charlie’s Angels”, “Poltergeist”, “Mission: Impossible 2”, and “The Haunting” are s-o-o poor and s-o-o ridiculous that it’s plain sad. This movie starts off pretty much with a bang and quickly nose dives into absurdity. This is comedy? No way. The beginning is probably the best part out of the entire flick. We see James Woods give an excellent performance spoofing the aging father from “The Exorcist”.

I thought this part was funny. I don’t know. This movie also has some pretty good jokes in here and the characters are great. The screenwriters take desperate measures with so much lame sex jokes, body flashes, and disgusting bathroom humor. One pathetic so-called “Comedic” scene I found particularly horrible was Cindy’s fist-fight with the black cat. Oh just awful. There’s even a wise cracking parrot that was very stupid. Can you believe there’s another one on the way? I think I’ll save my money.