You Got Served (2004)


Well, it’s safe to say, that at no point in this review will you see the word “good” describing this movie, unless you see the sentence “Good god, what a piece of crap”, or “Good god, why?!” “You Got Served” tries to capitalize off of break dancing and free styling, while attempting to create its own moneymaking properties and crazes, case in point, the phrase “You Got Served.” What this film’s main problem is that everything about it is feels so artificial. It feels like an hour and forty minute infomercial for two really crappy music bands whose fifteen minutes ended years ago. Not even the mindless marketing tools MTV could fuel a film that had nothing to go by except a lot of flash and dash and no brains. It seems like casting agents just took a lot of the actors from the WB network and dropped them into the film and made it feel like it’s trying to get across that these characters are really from the ghetto.

One minute they’re whining about how poor they are, then the next they’re sporting cell phones and really expensive looking clothing yet none of them have a job, and of course our two main characters deal drugs because don’t they all? Our two leads are B2K and Immature members Omarion and Marques Houston both of whom play two very unlikable characters Elgien and David, the leaders of a dance “crew” who engage in dance competitions with other “crews” at a local club led by “Mr. Rad” played by Steve Harvey who is thankfully rarely seen here. Mr. Rad has local gatherings with children who watch these people dance non-stop, but no one ever gets busted, and Mr. Rad is seen as sort of a god, when really he’s just a creepy old man performing illegal gambling. There are tons of dance numbers, badly choreographed and really obnoxious ones that we’re forced to sit through one after the other.

Oddly enough, no one here goes to school, no one has a job, and no one has parents that watch over these kids. Characters here are introduced and taken away for the convenience of the plot line including Elgien’s grandmother who is the typical stereotype who we’re forced to watch lecture Elgien. She’s a really bad grandmother because her grandson gets beaten up for dealing drugs and doesn’t seem to acknowledge the fact, no cops are investigating him, and she lends him 1500 dollars without asking what it’s for, and he loses it, she doesn’t beat the hell out of him, and still no one asks why he was dealing drugs. A lot of it is just filler to waste time between irritating dance numbers. “You Got Served” is nothing but a really bad attempt at advertising two has-beens who should remain in the background. There’s nothing to this movie that makes it at least watchable, and it was a real chore putting in an hour and forty minutes for something so awful.