Pervert! (2005)

pervert-05Yudis’ film is fun. More fun than it has the right to be. And I suggest “Pervert!” for fans of Troma, horror, comedy, Sam Raimi, porn, Mary Carey, Russ Meyer, big breasts, sex, women, John Waters, big breasts, hot women, big breasts, good taste, and yes, big breasts. Did I enjoy “Pervert!” only on those terms? Yes. And what’s wrong with that? “Pervert!” is a film where you shut off the big brain, and let the little brain do its magic, and I can guarantee any red blooded hetero male, and or lesbian, will utterly enjoy the romps. Not to mention the shameless flaunting of sexy as hell Mary Carey as a trophy wife, Juliette Clarke as a very hot nurse, and Sally Jean as a Cuban antagonist with a wide smile, all of whom suffer the fate of the mysterious monster roaming the desert in search of… well, you’ll discover it for yourself.

But, this is a film you shouldn’t pay too much attention to in terms of plot, and concept. It’s all just a guideline. What’s the real point of the movie? Breasts. Really big breasts, and nudity, and gore. James returns home to his farm to become a man, and discovers his farmer dad has married a very busty and flirtatious young girl named Cheryl, a curvaceous bombshell who doesn’t mind her status as a doting housewife, yet is intent on showing James what it means to be a man. Yudis’ film is good natured, and well intentioned, and it’s not a film you should take too seriously. The acting is purposely on par with a normal stag film, especially when you take into account the performances by the actresses whom are clearly cast because of their bodies.

But, Yudis makes up for that with a hilarious story and a monster that will live in infamy. Porn star Mary Carey is especially awful as Cheryl, but she’s so damn memorable. You’ll find out why, and therein lies the reason that she’s in much of the film, and gets nude at the drop of a hat. Yudis has an obvious obsession with very big breasts, and who can blame him? But most of the film is a pure competent homage to Russ Meyer, and Yudis gets a free pass because his film is actual quality. “Pervert!” is so bad that it’s good, and when you truly dissect it, it has no plot, no point, and no sense, yet you discover you enjoy it all in spite of what you’ve revealed. In the end, “Pervert!” is bound to gain cult status, and that’s because there are so many great shots of utterly incredible nudity.

Yudis’ great direction and purely zany sense of humor make his film worth the shot, it’s a DVD you can blow a load for and not feel guilty. As hard as Yudis may try, the movie is never as funny as it tries to be. Though many of the moments are inherently wacky and zany with about a trillion sound effects thrown in, the film never made me laugh aloud. Many of the gags are flat, and “Pervert!” is just not a comedy you’ll find yourself rolling on the floor with, in the end. Though you will want to roll on the floor with one of the three ladies featured. But that’s another topic, altogether. Yes, the acting sucked, and the movie made no sense, but I doubt people will be paying attention to the plot; and it’d be stupid to judge it based on that when 99 percent of the fan base for this won’t even care. With watching Mary Carey, and many other big breasted really hot women walk around naked, who gives a shit about anything else? I enjoyed this. It was fun, funny, stupid as hell, but weird.