Jackass: Number Two (2006)

MV5BNzgzNDYyOTcxNl5BMl5BanBBam: I’d rather rip my dick off and throw it in the river, than do that again.

It’s no big new flash, and not a shock that “Jackass” and everything about it, has never been a favorite of mine. I despised the show, despise the talentless asses involved in it, and I loathed the first film. Say whatever you want about me, but I just don’t get what the appeal is about this series. I’m curious when stupid chic became so popular, and why “Jackass” is consistently popular. I just don’t get it, I admit that. But then again, “Jackass: Number Two” had me near tears the entire time. Shocked? You know you are. Close your mouth and keep reading.

The boxing glove bit. That’s what did it, and yes, after that, I was ready to open up and let these morons make me laugh, and I did. And surprisingly “Jackass: Number Two” is a large step up in terms of stunts, stupid dares, and just all out entertainment, period. It’s better than the original, because it’s a lot more fun this time. And that’s probably due to the more creative stunts this time around, and the occasional prank that always ends in disbelief. Particularly the beehive limousine. And then there are the rock bottom expectations, which were ultimately my downfall in my preparations to tear this a new one, because in spite of my best efforts to hate it, “Jackass: Number Two” constantly had me leaning over in tears about two seconds from pissing myself. But what’s different this time around is that the guys finally seem to be planning these stunts instead of randomly causing trouble.

I dare you not to lose your appetite at the sight of a man drinking horse semen, and I dare you not to turn away in horror at the leech monocle. “Jackass: Number Two” will assuredly draw laughter from even the most cynical viewer, with the almost endless ideas these men concoct, and to showcase their stupidity, most times they never go as planned, but it’s funny. It’s very funny, and I struggled to muffle my wild laughter most of the time. And when you see the elaborate segment involving the suicide bomber and the taxi driver, I guarantee you’ll be struggling to breath from laughter as I was. No one is more shocked than I am, I’ll tell you that.

There are always the segments in the “Jackass” franchise that just go on too long, or overplay their comedic value. The old man’s testicles, the naked grandmother, and the like end up becoming some of the flattest sketches on the movie, both of which detract from the raucous flow of the segments that actually managed to draw laughter. Spike Jonze does a great impression of an old woman, but he fails in drawing actual laughs when you compare it to the Bam Snake prank. I still hate “Jackass,” but funny is funny, and this sequel was funny. The “Jackass” morons returned with a vengeance and I laughed the whole way through, an admission I’m not proud of. But, hey, I enjoyed the hell out of “Jackass: Number Two” because it’s much more creative, fun, and all around hysterical.