Howlin' for You (2011)

Howlin-For-You-620x250Leeroy: I’m pretty sure god would consider it a sin not to glorify that ass!

2008’s “Grindhouse” did not by any means revive the infamous double bill in movie theaters mainly because audiences attention spans are slim to nil. But on the bright side, the massive financial failure did breed a legion of indie and under ground filmmakers who would for many years re-invent the mock grindhouse movie trailer we saw displayed during “Grindhouse.” Subsequent the success of “Machete,” and “Hobo with a Shotgun,” every single filmmaker with a wild imagination are concocting their own mock grindhouse trailer. The Black Keys “Howlin’ for You” can now be seen as an exclusive music video where the group not only touts their fantastic rock song but also tells the tale of Alexa Wollf and her journey for vengeance!

That’s right, director Chris Marrs Piliero creates a short film very much in the vein of the classic grindhouse motif that works simultaneously as a music video, a short film, and a mock trailer all the while putting on display the unabashed sexual allures of Tricia Helfer and her sidekick in revenge Diora Baird. And Todd Bridges has a cameo for some reason. Invented very much in the vein of Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” Helfer plays the lovely Alexa, a young girl who watched her father brutally murdered at the hands of local mobsters.

And in a big to avenge her father’s memory, she set out to romance and kill every single member of the group that murdered her father. But little did she know she would eventually fall hard for the one man she wanted to murder the most. Narrated by go to grindhouse narrator Jon Bailey, “Howlin’ for You” is about as surreal and off the wall as you could expect from a wild hybrid of revenge cinema, rape cinema, and vague Robert Rodriguez homages.

Paired with the Black Keys’ fantastic song, it’s the perfect grindhouse trailer for a movie I’d pay money to see. If pseudo-grindhouse nods were this rich with nonsense and busty action set pieces, I’d squat down and devote hours to the glory of Tricia Helfer and Diora Baird kicking some gringo ass and taking names. It’s a double threat as a short film and a rough neck music video. And if the Black Keys’ song “Howlin’ for You” wasn’t enough incentive to check out this dazzling grindhouse spectacle, stay to watch two busty beauties kick the ass of Sean Patrick Flannery. He deserves it after “The Boondock Saints.”