Anna (2012)

The cast and crew really bring together what I can only describe as a short and sweet bit of sweet payback cinema that involves a woman who has just about had enough with her life. How many of us have the balls to go out there and take life by the cojones and risk it all to tell people what we really think about them? Once and for all Anna has decided to play by her own rules and after smashing her fist in to a mirror ventures out in to the world staring down a crude construction worker, telling off her boss and putting an end to a would be mugger that inevitably puts her in to the arms of her co-worker she’s infatuated with.

Filled with natural performances and a smooth script, nothing about “Anna” feels forced. In fact this is a ninety minute movie waiting to be unleashed and frankly I could have sat through the feature length version with a glad smile on my face. It’s a fantasy film that deserves to be seen if only for the great performance by Amanda Colianni whose progression from introvert in to sex bomb independent woman is natural and never forced. Not once did I question her resolve and she never tries too hard to be seen as this butt kicking female.

Daniel Brown’s message comes through loud and clear. Sometimes you just have to leave caution to wind take hold of life and “Anna” is that perfect film that embodies that moral of the story. It’s not a surprise to discover that the people behind “Anna” are the same folks who brought us the wonderful short “Emily in the AM” and the magnificent “Between The Blinds.” I hope to see more cinematic outputs from this company very soon as they have a knack for tackling humanity and fantasy at its finest. A Short and sweet tale of a woman showing life who is the real boss in the pact that is existence, “Anna” is a very good revenge drama with strong performances and skillful direction.