The Longest Daycare (2012)

The-Simpsons-Longest-DaycarBasically, “The Longest Daycare” is a much more advanced and intricate sequel to Maggie Simpson’s adventures in daycare that pays homage to Looney Tunes while also giving the character Maggie some depth. We only saw a portion of it in the episode “A Streetcar Named Marge,” where Maggie united her fellow babies to reclaim her pacifier in the spirit of “The Great Escape.”

This time, Maggie Simpson is back in daycare and must go up against her nemesis Gerald, the baby with the unibrow and buck teeth. Maggie finds herself in the average corner of the daycare center after being denied access in to the corner with the advanced babies, and watches as Gerald slaughters random butterflies. Tasked with protecting a caterpillar, Maggie evades Gerald’s attacks to ensure the safety of the butterfly. “The Longest Daycare” is a really very interesting experiment with storytelling, as “The Simpsons” is mostly dialogue based comedy.

This time the entirety of the film is merely Maggie’s silent effort to save a creature among other babies, and her world is given a wider scope thanks to brilliant animation and 3D rendering. “The Longest Daycare” is a nice and subtle treat for fans of “The Simpsons” with a sweet surprise ending. I enjoyed this immensely and still root for the iconic animated family. With seamless blending of computer, two dimensional, and 3D animation, “The Longest Daycare” is a short but sweet and funny look in to a moment of Maggie Simpson’s life where she spent her day saving a creature, instead of trying to harm one.