Stamp Day for Superman (1954)

Countdown to “Man of Steel”!

Superman is a government good guy. He’s so much so, that when he catches a criminal he lectures him on the value of saving money, and investing in government stamps. A public domain short Superman adventure, Noel Neill, and George Reeves star in this Superman adventure where we not only learn about Lois’ brilliance, but the foresight in saving money by buying stamps.

When a bank robbery goes awry, Superman busts in to find a sole robber standing and waiting for him. The Robber wisely chooses not to run from Superman, and accept his jail time, while sobbing an explanation to Superman about how he’s poor, and didn’t save his money wisely over the years. Especially through government stamps. Awk-ward. After the whole “Sad story. Well… good luck in jail and all that!” Superman awaits the arrival of the police to ensure the robber is taken away. Now with the second robber on the loose, he calls up Lois Lane and agrees to an interview with her for the paper. When Lois arrives, the robber reveals she is now his hostage, and he intends on using her to write letters for him.

Since he can’t read or write very well. Craftily staging a way to notify people she’s being held against her will, Superman saves Lois from the devious mobster named “Winky,” and lectures him about Government stamps. In the end, Superman not only saves the day, but the mobsters learn that not only does crime not pay, but failing to save your money also doesn’t pay. Government stamps are where it’s at. Superman lectures to a group of eager children in the final scenes about brilliance of saving money through stamps, and Superman flies off to fight another day, while America’s youths invest wisely for their future! “Stamp Day for Superman” is a goofy, but entertaining short Superman adventure. One that is definitely a treat for Superman fans. Especially those that collect stamps.