Bounty Killer (2013) (DVD)


The best action movie released all year, “Bounty Killer,” finally comes to DVD and Blu-Ray, as director Henry Saine delivers action fans a pulpy apocalyptic thriller worthy of a large fan base. “Bounty Killer” is set in the future where corporations are now enemy number one and have laid waste to civilization with their greed. The government has sent a slew of skilled and crafty bounty killers to hunt down and take down corporate executives daring to run away with their corporation’s profits.

Now that the bounty killers have become an industry on to itself, the violent and cunning bounty killers are now celebrities with their own brand names. The most popular among them is Mary Death, a gorgeous but deadly hunter who is quick with the knife, and loves her job. Director Henry Saine concocts a wonderful amalgam of grind house and post apocalyptic war fare in the vein of “Mad Max” as he sets his sights on the colorful and deadly personalities now a hot item in the new world. What were once outcasts and criminals are now in high demand, and we’re given the back story of Mary Death, who is able to charm her fans with her immense sex appeal, while also kicking the ass of anyone that steps in her way. Christian Pitre is brilliantly cast as the incredibly sexy Mary Death, who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty if she’s able to get the job done, and Pitre handles the role with ease.

Director Saine successfully develops this universe where the hunters compete for the heads of once wealthy tycoons, and also do battle in the wastelands. Hip Hop star Eve is great as a mythical nomad with ties to Mary Death, while folks like Abraham Benrubi, and Matthew Marsden all pull in memorable supporting performances. Saine also offers up a slew of walk on’s from folks like Alexa Vega, Beverly D’Angelo, and Kristanna Loken who plays an especially sexy corporate villain who plans to frame Marty Death, and rebuild her own empire. Director Henry Saine’s “Bounty Killer” is a fun and entertaining action romp that is very much in need of a sequel, if only to see Christian Pitre dominate the screen as Mary Death once again. The DVD comes with a Behind the Scenes feature, and the original film trailer.

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