Emilie Black’s Five Favorite Hunks of the MCU

Ant ManTo go with Felix’s list of the beauties of the MCU, here comes my Five Favorite Hunks of the MCU list.  A completely arbitrary list of the guys who caught my attention in the Marvel movie adaptations, this is how it stands as of this week.  By the time I see Captain America: Civil War, this all may change.

Did I miss any of your favorites?

5Thor5. Thor
A lot of girls are into Loki the brooding bad boy, I prefer Thor.  Maybe because he was probably the first Avenger I became familiar with as a kid (thanks Adventures in Babysitting).  Thor is not just man, but a God, so he is to be kept to higher standards than the other men on this list.  He has to be a just, good, and stunning man.  What adds to his charm here is how utterly lost he is with Earthly ways, making him funny and adorable.  Thor being the Asgardian God that he is, his body had to be perfect, and well, yep, pretty much.  Chris Hemsworth has built himself for the part and he looks amazing, however, looking amazing is not all it takes…

4Peter Quill4. Peter Quill
Peter Quill is possibly the funniest of the guys on this list, or at least intentionally funny (I’m looking at your Thor!).  He’s a charming man with bad manners, a good sense of humor, loyalty to his crew, and some mad dance skills.  Of course having Chris Pratt in the part doesn’t hurt either, the transformation he went through to go from class clown to hottie is quite impressive.

3Heimdall3. Heimdall
Heimdall is this mysterious character who has a non-reader of the comic books the Thor movies are based on, I know very little about.  However, he oozes presence when he is on screen and has a huge mystery to him.  His actions in the films, ultimately helping Thor at the risk of his own safety make him a man to watch (if we get to see him again at some point).  Idris Elba needs more screen time in future MCU movies, but given his upcoming slate, this may be difficult to make happen.

2Iron Man2. Iron Man/Tony Stark
Tony Stark: genius, inventor, philanthropist, playboy.  Also, a man who is deeper than he originally seems. His time as a POW changes him, for the better.  He grows from having seen the effect of his company’s weapons first hand and then decides to work toward making the world a better place.  The charm of Tony Stark is very much in the fact that he is a very flawed character trying to make things better and himself in the process.  Robert Downey Jr’s performance here is just on point.

1Punisher1. Punisher/Frank Castle
The Punisher, aka Frank Castle, was my introduction to the MCU way back when I was going through all of Dolph Lundgren’s movies.  Of course, when they were restarting his movies with Thomas Jane in the lead, I was not super sure but ended up loving the film.  Then they rebooted the character again with Ray Stevenson and he was more bad ass than ever.

And now Jon Bernthal is taking up the mantle of Frank Castle, looking badass (again as that is Punisher pre-requisite, let’s admit it) and making the part his own.  All 4 of these gents have turned in performances that ranged from fun to more serious while keeping a certain bad boy (or badass, yep there’s that word again) charm to the character who should never be messed with.  A man with family values who is not afraid to defend and take revenge.