Movies, Camp Fire Stories, Dance, and… Grease? [Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2016]

hiffsd-01This year’s edition of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival saw the festival grow from 3 days to 5 days and include more features, documentaries, shorts, live literature readings (as well as a dance showcase).  The fest does not feature a gallery anymore, but it has been about more than films since its inception.  This year’s highlights were some truly great short films and the campfire story readings with David Agranoff, Laura  Lee Bahr, John Skipp, and Cody Goodfellow amongst others.

The fest also had a private visit of the Cannibals Myth & Reality exhibit at the nearby San Diego Museum of Man followed by an anthropophagia panel, a talk about Mexican cinema by Aaron Soto called Viva Mexico!, some flash fiction readings, a great opening party, and event catered meals for VIP pass holders and guests.  Also, their closing film, The Greasy Strangler, had the most vocal reaction seen in a long time at the festival.

This year’s festival’s shows that it’s still growing and becoming one of the best ones in Southern California for horror fans to attends. That being said, here are links to all Cinema Crazed’s coverage of the fest (in the order that they played the festival, not necessarily the order I reviewed them).

hiffsd-02Animated Shorts Block:

The Last Pinoy Action King:

Comedy Shorts Block Part 1:

Comedy Shorts Block Part 2:

hiffsd-03Hail to the King: 60 Years of Destruction:

Dark Exorcism / In the Dark:

Sendero (Path):

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon:


Beyond the Gates (review from FrightFest 2016):

Human Killers & Psychological Terrors Shorts Block Part 1:

Human Killers & Psychological Terrors Shorts Block Part 2:

Supernatural Horrors Shorts Block Part 1:

hiffsd-05Supernatural Horrors Shorts Block Part 2:

Killbillies (aka Idila aka Idyll):

The Greasy Strangler:

Other Shorts:

More photos coming here soon.