Girl #2 (2016)

As a killer offs all other sisters in their sorority, two young women argue as to which one will survive based on completely arbitrary characteristics leading the killer to wonder if he’s the crazy one or they are.

In this sort-of send-up of sorority slasher films, director David Jeffery and writer Kari Wahlgren take the usual tropes of the sub-genre and spin them on their heads, making the two leads very self-aware and aware of what is going on. The writing is a bit meta but since it’s funny and entertaining, it’s no issue at all. The way it’s written and directed makes it a short to watch with Night of the Slasher and Scream (the original of course), like with those two, the self-awareness is used in a clever way and never becomes overdone or too over the top.

Playing the slasher, the character expected to be a bit crazy, is one of the penultimate actors for this type of parts lately, Michael Bailey Smith. He’s a large imposing man who can give crazy eyes like the best of them and here his acting is on point while being comical at times. There is a bit of exaggeration on his part, but it works so well for the film and for his character, it’s definitely the best choice for him here. Playing the two leading ladies are Mia Marcon as Stacey and Katy Yoder as Jenn, both of them have a great sense of timing and their back and forth creates a bit of a battle, one that they make fun to watch. The other girls in the sorority are killer-fodder and they do their jobs fabulously well.

Girl #2 is a short film that is really well shot with cinematography by Bradford Lipson. The film looks and feels like a much bigger film with a nice budget. The visuals give the film a bit part of its atmosphere and helps bring the story forth and lets the viewer see the action clearly, something too many slasher films forget to do of late.

Girl #2 is a fun take on the slasher in a sorority sub-genre that twists the final girl tropes and gets two girls to argue over it and reason why they are to be the one. They way this is done brings laughs and a bit of thinking as it shows how girls tear each other down in stressful situations and how when beauty standards are applied to a random situation, they don’t make any sense. Here the film become interesting through the fact it’s not just a simple meta final girl story, there is much more to it. The way the film is built brings the talent behind it to the forefront and signals people to watch for in the horror-comedy genre.