Fags in the Fast Lane (2017)

When his mother’s magical golden dildo is stolen, Beauregard is sent on a mission to retrieve it.

Written by Josh Collins and Steven G. Michael with Collins directing, Fags in the Fast Lane is a low-brow, tongue-in-cheek comedy that goes for a style and universe that would make John Waters proud. The humor and the story are in your face, over the top with just about everything and the glittery kitchen sink thrown at the viewer. The story is one that includes something to shock or offend everyone. The trashploitation sub-genre is well represented here and viewers who won’t have been stopped by the film’s title should find something to have fun with here.

The cast for this film is varied and colorful to say the least. In the part of Beauregard is Chris Asimos who gives a strong lead performance and his presence is charismatic, he’s the kind of performer who attracts attention and keeps it. Playing his mother, Kitten, is living legend Kitten Natividad giving a charming and fun performance like only she can. Stealing a few scenes is Sasha Cuha as Salome, a bigger than life character who she plays with gusto and clearly a lot of whimsy and fun. The entirety of the Fags in the Fast Lane cast is going all out with their performances here, giving the film a very colorful life of its own.

Surrounding all the action and colorful characters are crazy decors and costumes. Between the production designs, set designs, and costume designs, bright colors are everywhere creating a visually loud film for colorist Dee McClelland to deal with, hats off to them for getting the film a nice, evenly loud look that showcases all the colors and craziness of the creative team behind the scenes. Working with all of this is the cinematography by Stuart Simpson who manages to keep the viewer’s attention focused on the action and on the film’s main plot points.

Another fantastic aspect of the film is all the cute and charming miniatures used instead of sweeping landscapes for establishing shots. They are adorable, decently made, and add an extra touch of whimsy and something that shows resourcefulness in how to get the most out of the budget. Also really fun is the cartoon intro that feels very retro.

Fags in the Fast Lane is a fun romp in a highly colorful, sex-filled, trashploitation good time. It’s one of those films that have something to shock everyone yet it’s endearing and just perfectly funny. Everyone involved is clearly enjoying doing their work and putting their all in front of the camera. The title is obviously chosen carefully and the selection of its wording is something that is offensive and is used here, from the impression the film gives, with a form of respect, at least that is the hope and belief of this viewer.