My Five Favorite Dream Warriors

With “Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Warriors” celebrating its anniversary on the 27th, I thought it’d be fun to list my five favorite Dream Warriors of the “Nightmare” movie series. Although the writers generally stopped exploring the concept of Dream Warriors after part three, other writers have generally run with the idea of victims using their dreams to fight Freddy and there have been many more dream warriors that have faced Freddy. Most have fallen under the wrath of his powers, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t given the dream master a hard time and some aggravation.

5. Maggie Burroughs (Katherine Krueger) – Freddy’s Dead
Who better to take down Freddy Krueger once and for all than his own daughter. Drawn to helping children most of her life, Maggie Burroughs harbors a horrible destiny that she doesn’t realize until faced with Freddy Krueger. Realizing he’s her dad, she finds the will to take Freddy out of the dream world and bring him in to reality to finish him once and for all. After helping others use their dreams to their advantage she finds her own method including the infamous 3D Glasses.

4. Kincaid – Dream Warriors, Dream Master
Kincaid is inner rage and strength that proves to be a match for Krueger more than he initially realizes. Kincaid is fairly powerless in the real world, but once in the dream world, he shows Freddy that he can stand toe to toe with him, defeating him and living to see another day. In the dream world as one of the original dream warriors, his strength lets him overcome so many of the barriers that Freddy puts up to make everyone’s journey hell. He’s a great fighter until Freddy is revived craftier than ever.

3. Alice Johnson – Dream Master, The Dream Child
Alice Johnson is an underrated Dream Warrior, and one of the only surviving ones. She’s someone who has the ability to absorb the wills and powers of her friends and loved ones. In “Dream Master” she is able to use the grief of the loss of her friends and family as a means of empowerment and this allows her to fight Freddy Krueger and hold him off long enough to keep him from murdering anyone else in his dream world. The face off in the end of “Dream Master” makes her someone who Freddy can fear for once.

2. Nancy Thompson – Nightmare (1984), Dream Warriors
Nancy knows more about Freddy than most people and she serves as a mentor for the Dream Warriors in the second sequel of the series. I assume her ability is to be able to go through Krueger’s labyrinthian dream world, and she’s also able to unite her kids to fight Krueger by finding their inner powers. Krueger’s biggest weakness is the inability to fear him, and Nancy is able to build an army that stand up to Krueger.

1. Mark Grey – The Dream Child
As a true blue comic book fan, Mark is probably my favorite Dream Warrior of the whole series. As someone who lived and breathed comic books as a child, I can safely say that if I were a dream warrior I’d definitely have Mark’s powers. Mark’s abilities are using his imagination to become super powered comic characters, inevitably taking on the form of his own comic character. Freddy does get the best of him, but he does give Krueger a hard time for a moment with his strong and vivid creativity that lets him gain the upper hand, even if for one instance. I wish Mark could have lasted a bit longer to make Freddy’s temper flare a bit.