I Spit on Your Grave (1978): Collector’s Edition [Blu-Ray] (3 Disc Set)

Meir Zarchi’s revenge rape thriller is a movie that continues to inspire immense bile from movie critics and movie buffs since its release in 1978. Much like its contemporary “Cannibal Holocaust,” Zarchi horror movie is deeply upsetting and requires the viewer to endure it in a certain state of mind. It’s a film you’ll either love or despise, and it gets a very good treatment from Roninflix who brings it home to fans like yours truly.

The 1978 rape revenge thriller is a violent tirade in sexual violence as Camille Keaton plays the gorgeous Jennifer Hill. The tall statuesque brunette is an author who goes away to a cabin to work on her book. While there, she’s terrorized by a trio of local men who proceed to gang rape and horrendously dehumanize her. The more she tries to evade them, the more relentless they become in inflicting horrible violence on her. Years later after surviving the crime, she returns to the vacation spot and sets out to inflict revenge on the men that took everything from her.

Camille Keaton’s performance is bold and daring, offering a glimpse in to an absolutely beautiful woman who is inexplicably tortured and punished three truly perverse monsters. Zarchi doesn’t hold much mercy toward Jennifer, as much of the mid section of the movie involves Jennifer’s attempts to evade her attackers, only to get violated again and again. Zarchi’s love for realism is what makes “I Spit on Your Grave” most compelling, as he ensures every single moment of Jennifer’s torture is felt by the audience. Included is “I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu,” the official follow up and sequel to Meir Zarchi, who returns with Camille Keaton to explore the fall out of Jennifer Hill’s revenge.

Years after murdering the men that violated her, Jennifer and her daughter Christy are kidnapped by the victims’ families and forced to fight for their survival. This legacy sequel reunites the remaining cast of the original film to close up Hill’s narrative. Finally 2019’s rare (and only) documentary about the 1978 original film, “Growing Up with I Spit on Your Grave” Terry Zarchi’s film that examines his father’s polarizing and controversial original that remains one of the most divisive movies ever made. Zarchi exhaustively analyzes the effect and legacy of his film. Not included are the trilogy spawned from the 2010 remake, but that’s not much of a loss, when all is said and done.

Most of the bells and whistles on Ronin Flix’s three-disc collector’s edition have been ported over from prior releases of the film. This includes the two commentary tracks on the main disc, the one from director Meir Zarchi, who touches on everything from the film’s themes to its on-location photography, and the other from cult-film critic and icon Joe Bob Briggs, who’s enthusiasm and love for I Spit on Your Grave is absolutely undeniable. His opinions might alienate fans and viewers, but he offers refreshing insight.  The only new extra on this disc is a location featurette hosted by former Fangoria editor-in-chief Michael Gingold, that offers a rather glimpse of what the film’s New York and Connecticut locations look like now.

The Value of Vengeance – Meir Zarchi Remembers I Spit on Your Grave explores Zarchi’s remembrance shooting the film, there’s the Alternate Day of the Woman Opening Title, original Theatrical Trailers, various TV & Radio Spots, a Still Gallery and a brand new Slideshow with Rare & Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Set. As well, there’s also a Reversible Cover. The second disc includes a new commentary from Joe Bob Briggs, brand new cast interviews, the exclusive “The Making of I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu,” Behind the scenes footage Meir Zarchi and the cast, and finally the original theatrical trailers. The third disc includes exclusive deleted scenes, Terry Zarchi’s new 8mm film starring Camille Keaton, the original trailer, and brand new home movies starring Camille Keaton and Meir Zarchi’s wedding.

The initial print run for the “Collector’s Edition” from Ronin Flix will be limited to 5,000 copies, and is featured in a new 4K Scan and restoration from director Meir Zarchi’s 3MM original negative. The set comes packed with two posters for the original film and “Déjà vu,” as well as two collectible magnets with the posters printed on them.