Campfire Stories (2001)

movie_36353I love anthology movies and I’m usually open to low budget horror movies because you never know when you might come across a gem, so I checked this one out unbiased. Boy, was I in for something. First, the movie begins with a badly computer animated flaming skull (how original) who speaks in a deep voice talking about creepy tales and something else. In this atrocity, we meet two hapless guys on the road in the middle of the woods driving to a “Middle of the woods” party. They get a flat tire after nearly running over a young woman named Natalie (Jamie Lynn Sigler) and she begs them to give her a ride.

They have to await a tow truck and run into a park ranger (Dave Johansen) who begins telling them three tales. (It gives them an excuse to be in the setting) and they meet Natalie in the middle of the road (They’re a bit suspicious but never ask where her car is or where she’s going) and they meet Ranger Bill who invites them in the forest to tell the stories. The first story is hilarious as we see badly edited scenes of a dentist torturing a patient in a mental asylum. He then breaks free from his restraints made out of rope (Why? Who knows) and jams a scalpel into his head. Four years later he’s now a janitor who gets bullied by four football players. These guys are boneheaded jocks who blurt out insults like “He’s such a penile implant.”

They chase him into the forest to kill him and he begins knocking them off one by one. The second one has these three boneheaded obnoxious bikers who drive a car who see a Native American buy coffee in the restaurant. He carries around a magical sack which no one asks about and he leaves after they insult him. They follow him home and watch as he smokes some killer weed. He begins hallucinating in a badly animated sequence as snakes wrap around him and he sees wolves. They strangle him to death and decide to take his drugs. They soon begin hallucinating and discover he’s not exactly dead. I found this story to be so bad it was painful. The third one is least terrible but is still very annoying as we have this whiny girl and her boyfriend kissing in a car and the girl, for some reason, begins telling of how her insane grandmother lived in their house until she died.

So they decide not to do the funky monkey and she goes home to her friend. She decides she wants to invite them back and play a joke on them. So, the boyfriends come over they drink and talk for a long time and they blindfold the boyfriends leading them around the house. One by one the guys get killed by an unknown person and the friend gets killed. The entire trilogy of idiocy ends with a hilarious and annoying final scene that left me dumbstruck. I usually love anthology movies but this one is utterly unwatchable.