Rosario Tijeras (2005)


Flora Martinez, aside from being absolutely beautiful and incredibly sexy, also provides a very good performance for “Rosario Tijeras” as the tragic and sometimes despicable Rosario who objectifies men the way she was objectified all of her life. She’s a being incapable of genuine love, and also seems incapable of finding true love. She’s someone who is used for her body, and carried around like a trophy, thus leads her own downfall in the face of her diminishing personal welfare. Her constant manipulation of her male counterparts is often achieved through her irresistible sex appeal, and this will often leave male audiences at a crossroads. The surefire draw should have been the lovely and vivacious Flora Martinez, who is an interesting choice for the lead of this snake of a woman. But then, at the end of it, I was pretty anxious to shut it off and move on.

“Rosario Tijeras” should have been a better film. This objectified woman strikes back at the people that ruined her life, I mean I was expecting a fast paced story. And here I was, yawning and sometimes zoning out at the sheer repetitiveness of the entire film. I should have just flipped for this film, but Maillé’s portrait of this troubled woman is often times a meandering and incoherent mess. What begins as a basically tense story, really does nothing more than veer into soap opera territory. Rosario is barely ever focused on in the second half, and we’re only really kept at a distance in the entire film. I’m inclined to believe that that’s the point, but I really think if we were to have any sympathy for Rosario, Maillé truly should have brought us in tighter on her personality and life. Writer Figueras can never seem to decide if he wants us to fall for Rosario, hate Rosario, or just wish a painful death on her, thus it’s all really scattered. Figuera consistently jumps from “Now you have to hate her,” to “Now you’re in love with this goddess,” ad nauseum.

We’re tugged back and forth on our emotions for her, and then it gets odd. The scene with the dead body is without a doubt one of the weirdest sequences I’ve seen in a while, but then that’s a lead-in for the story to come to a screeching halt and focus on Tijeras’ endless moaning and whining, and crying, and there are even more repetitive montages of parties. And then when we finally watch her wreaking pure vengeance, it drags on and on with her incessant flashbacks to her past, which would be wrenching, if touched upon earlier. Overall, I was often disconnected from almost everything on-screen. I never felt close to Rosario, or the character Emilio, and I’m still stumped on the references to the scissors. At times it’s good, and at times it’s just tedious and repetitive. “Rosario Tijeras” is a surefire mixed bag, with story aspects that are just sloppy and inherently odd.