No One's Watching: An Alien Abductee's Story (2006)

nnnlIt’s funny that in my own website, I’ve become truly feared by filmmakers. Even filmmakers who happen to be buddies of mine. Why is that? I’m not sure. But if you send me a film, expect an honest opinion. You have to either have to accept that, or don’t send anything at all. I’m glad director Jeremy Vaeni for “No One’s Watching” seems to know and appreciate that, as he sent his film to me with the letter stating that whether I love or hate it, he would love a review. I’m honest, and that’s just what’s what.

Once upon a time I was a huge UFO expert. I read books, and watched programs, and wanted to know more. More was never enough, and enough was always too little. When I discovered that about sixty percent of the sightings ever documented were bogus, I basically relinquished much interest, and moved on. Every now and then though, I tend to believe that there are other beings out there. With an odd sense of humor, “No One’s Watching” explores the life of an alien abductee, or more importantly Jeremy Vaeni. One true question I was left with was: Was this actual accounts or just an endless string of staged interviews, and dialogue?

Most of the scenes here seem awfully orchestrated to work in a humor favor, as we sit with his parents, and even his confrontation with his girlfriend whom we discover is actually just an actress. Can we really believe a man who tries to fool us by hiring an actress to play a friend and girlfriend? Vaeni seems to be vying for a huge hoax for the purposes of making a film. And then you’re left to wonder if he was actually abducted at all. I’m not sure what Vaeni is trying to sell us on, throughout the run of the film. I just kept replaying the “Jaws” quote in my head over and over while watching: He’s either really smart, or really dumb. After checking out “No One’s Watching,” I can’t be sure if I believe most of what I see on screen, and that seems to be the general intent.

Jeremy is a fascinating gent even if he happens to be completely full of shit. Whether he’s been abducted or not, the audience just really has to decide for themselves, but the true question is what is Jeremy trying to gain by this? Even if he discovers he’s been abducted, then what? And he wants to resolve some of these feelings by traveling to a UFO landmark to help him gain some sense of closure. He’s not a bad guy judging by his interaction with friends and family, but you have to think if he’s honestly convinced he’s been abducted, or if he’s pining for attention. “No One’s Watching” never quite convinces, either way. It has an understated stupidity to it, but “No One’s Watching,” is an interesting and effective take on one man’s testimony that he’s been abducted by aliens and his family’s attempts to decide if he’s telling the truth, and if he’s just fucking nuts. I enjoyed it for what it offered.