The Warrior (2001)

warriormain2It’s a shame that not many people are even aware of this film, because what “The Warrior” offers audiences is much more entertaining, meaningful, and engrossing than most modern thrillers can muster. “The Warrior” is the journey of a man through a life of violence, and his realization that what he does has horrible consequences that comes too little too late. I enjoyed this film, and I wish more people could experience what it offers. But sadly, even with Anthony Minghella presenting the film, “The Warrior” has remained an obscure suspense thriller that’s soaked in a sense of dread and horror that many thrillers can’t mimic.

The characters here may and likely will die at the hands of the very people they work for. To stop violence, must you go through a sea of dead bodies? Can you really live your life normal again after so much murder you’ve committed? That’s what our tragic character experiences in what is truly good film about a man who has to face the violent army he’s agreed to lead. Director Asif Karapadia films his action epic with a strong sense of urgency that keeps the audience firmly planted in their seats biting their nails for him the entire time.

Karapadia plays the plot twist that leads to the crises of conscience with such finesse and spontaneity, and I couldn’t look away the entire time. What “The Warrior” comprises is the tale of a man who not only has to face being chased by the men he led once, but the aftermath of all his crimes that he committed while under the service of an evil lord. Murder, rape, and the like are all that’s impacted the world around him, and we journey with him as he travels the land running and realizing that the more he runs, the more the world around him will crumble.

Irsif Khan gives a great performance as this man anxiously seeking a life in peace and without violence, but really can’t help but face the inevitable. Karapadia progresses the film from a society held by violence, to a man searching for forgiveness and redemption in a world that’s learned to fear him, and “The Warrior” presents it with quiet simplicity, and humility. A wonderful Western set in a different locale, “The Warrior” is a meaningful, and well paced tale of a killer seeking redemption in a world that’s felt his touch of death. Khan gives a great performance in an often entertaining and memorable tale of salvation and forgiveness.