It's Sally's World: We're Just Living In It – Interview with April Monique Burril

sallyTheir names are JimmyO Burril and April Monique Burril, two of the most hardcore horror fans on the web, and they happen to be the June and Ward Cleaver of the underground horror syndicate. These two madly in love folks have joined together for their label Forbidden Pictures to bring horror fans “Chainsaw Sally,” a horror sitcom that began as a web series, made the trek to DVD, and is now being backed by Troma Pictures who have turned the character in to one of their own legions of anti-heroes joining the ranks of Toxie, and Kabuki Cop.

JimmyO Burril is the critically acclaimed indie director whose own relationship with his wife April Monique and their friend film legend Debbie Rochon have granted him major notice from horror buffs across the world while wife April Monique Burril is the insanely sexy (read: dear god, what a stunner!) and sultry Chainsaw Sally, the maniacal chainsaw wielding star of JimmyO’s series. In front of the camera they bring us a world featuring a demented family woman who doesn’t mind offing people if it gets them out of her hair, behind the camera, they’re just a humble and kind married couple with a big family and a demented sense of humor you can’t help but be endeared by.

After being sent their DVD’s to review for the site we were instantly enamored by the gruesome twosome and had to have a chat with the horror vixen and her madman of a husband. In the midst of speedy and hectic production for “Chainsaw Sally: Season Two” along with rabid publicity for the new season which will feature even more cameos from other horror icons, director JimmyO and muse April Monique took the time out for an interview to promote their latest foray in to the horror world and what we can expect from Sally Diamon and her crew.

Hello Mrs. Burril, thanks for the time!
Sure thing!

You seem to be taking serious momentum as Chainsaw Sally, how has life as a cult star been so far?
Fine – not too different from regular life, I guess.  Except every now and then I find out someone somewhere has a shrine to my character or a tattoo of me. That’s very surreal.  But, I’ve no complaints.

How long have you been modeling?
My modeling is basically just a symptom of the Chainsaw Sally gig.  Though, as I’ve gotten some attention as an actress aside from being Chainsaw Sally, I have done some other “non-Sally” modeling, but it’s not my main focus at all.

How would you describe Chainsaw Sally as? A villain or an anti-hero?
I guess anti-hero would probably be a good classification.  She thinks she’s doing good work (at least on the surface of her mind).  Sally kills (or so she tells herself and Ruby) to make the world a better place and it just happens to allow her to bring home delicious meat for the “family.”   Deep down, however, in the dark recesses of her mind, Sally’s true motivation for killing is more based on anger and sexuality.

How do you keep fit for the show? What’s your workout routine and preparation?
Keeping fit … I do various things.  I try to find things to do that don’t feel like a “work out”.  I have my daily stuff like running, push ups, tons of crunches, pilates, yoga, etc.  But I am usually involved in either a dance class or martial arts, so I’m getting good physical activity and learning something new as well.  Currently, I’m working on Tae Kwon Do and enjoying it quite a lot.

Before the show did you ever model?
I did used to do a lot of modeling for art classes at the local college for drawing, painting, and photography students.  It gave me a taste for trying to find weird positions to twist myself into… for photos. (wink)

How do you get in to character for Chainsaw Sally?
Since she’s very based on my own personality (just skewed), the biggest thing to work on is teaching myself to forget the crew is in the room and slip into full “playing pretend” mode.  Really visualize and become the character, but still be able to hear words from the director w/o breaking focus. It depends on which personality of the character as to how I think for the role.  In the library, I try to play it bright and happy… and something like a girl pretending to be an adult, since Sally didn’t have a proper upbringing.

Her clothing and actions are what she thinks adults are supposed to do.  Sally at home w/ Ruby is very simple.  Just like me hanging out with my own little brother, but with cannibalism mixed in.  For Sally in full killing mode, I have to reach down and find my own darkest nature and bring it screaming to the surface.  Which is fairly therapeutic. What it all boils down to is dropping inhibition and believing I’m really in the world we’re trying to portray on the film.

Do you have any actors or directors who have influenced you and the way you perform on film?
In a sense, I’m influenced by everyone and everything I watch.  I guess the strongest influences are Lori Petty’s portrayal of the fabulous Tank Girl,  the fragility of Angela Bettis in May,  the ability of Madeline Kahn to be silly and sexy at the same time, Bugs Bunny, and the intelligent darkness of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.  I could list a thousand more… Marilyn Burns going “balls to the wall” as Sally Hardesty, Gunnar Hansen’s unforgiving brutality as Leatherface, just about any Mel Brooks character…..

When you began the movie and show did you think it’d be such a cult hit?
No, but I was pretty happy to have it happen!

How would you sum Chainsaw Sally up for our readers still unaware of you?
Sally is a girl trying to keep the world as safe and as free of  the ignorant and the rude as is humanly possible, while providing a good healthy source of protein for her family.  She has no sense of “too much”.  If someone gets on her nerves and she thinks the world would be better with them gone, she eliminates them.  That’s it.

Are you perchance aiming to turn Chainsaw Sally in to the next generation slasher icon?
I’m not really aiming for anything so lofty, but if it happens, I sure won’t fight it!

Finally: Who would win in a fight, you or Leatherface?
I’d like to think Sally and Leatherface would get along very well together and never fight.  BUT… if it should happen… I think it would depend on the situation and the terrain.  Sally scores higher for quick movement.  If she could score a kill (which I’m sure would take several hits – he’s a big boy!) without him immobilizing her, she could possibly win.  But I definitely think if he caught hold of her and could keep her from squirming too much, Leatherface’s brute strength would win out.

Thanks for your time Sally!