The Taint (2010)

After reading the press materials for Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc’s “The Taint,” I expected almost anything to happen while watching it. And that’s pretty much what I was given when watching “The Taint.” Just about anything and everything that you can imagine happened. And some things you were too afraid to imagine happened. It’s almost impossible to describe the film that was made by directors Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc, but it’s an experience that no one will forget after watching it. And surely enough it has Troma written all over it. It’s compelling while also entertaining. It’s trashy but it’s clever. And it’s completely abundantly moronic, but also has a wit to it that makes it entertaining.

You can’t peg it in a genre. You can’t really describe the film’s premise in one sentence. I’m not even sure it has a premise. It’s an apocalyptic dark comedy experimental horror thriller. Does that make sense? I don’t think it does. In either case, “The Taint” is something of a twisted manifestation of some unique minds that never fails to keep its audiences attention. Even when it meanders in to nonsense, it is still awfully funny and wildly inventive. How to best start off a review for a movie that begins with its protagonist being chased by an old man in red shit stained PJ’s holding a scythe? “The Taint” sets down in a world where the water has been tainted by a mysterious chemical.

And now the men of the world are ravenous, growling monsters with giant penises hanging out of their pants intent on killing any and all women in their paths. Phil however seems to be immune to the taint for some reason and now has to find a solution behind this apocalypse along with a gun wielding survivor named Misandra. Cue an animated sequence involving an animated bunny having his heart ripped out, a park ranger whipping squirrels for some reason, a speech about the wonders of gang rape, a long drawn out work out montage, a face ripping, and the origin of… the taint! Bolduc and Nelson’s movie is such a meshing of genres that work as a collective cinematic acid trip it’s tough to make out what you’re watching, but you know that you’re watching some genuinely original and entertaining.

“The Taint” is an odd animal, something so repulsive but so enticing, and like a roofie, it hits you hard and fast, and you’re left wondering what in god’s name just happened. As they say, “The Taint” has to be seen to be believed. It’s a punk rock circa nineteen eighties violent gory horror comedy thriller apocalypse sexual commentary with humor so out of this world it’s endearing. Where else can you see a girl crying over the brain of the boyfriend whose head she just smashed in? Nowhere else, is my answer.