Chainsaw Sally (2004)

chainsawsallyChainsaw Sally is one vengeful woman. As a resident of Porterville, she’s the quiet librarian who takes her work much too seriously, and loves to strike down anyone who makes her work more difficult than it has to be. By day she’s an authoritarian bookkeeper who takes pride in her work, but by night she’s a wicked avenger for women wreaking havoc around her town and mutilating anyone that crosses her path. Be they folks who have forgotten to return their books, or womanizers at bars, she is never afraid to wreak unholy vengeance upon her victims and she does so with glee and a giddy laugh to boot.

“Chainsaw Sally” is only the beginning of a really good franchise and with JimmyO Burril’s ninety minute horror comedy, you can really feel him feeling his bearings with the character of Sally that he wouldn’t fully get a hold of until the web series for the character. “Chainsaw Sally” the movie is merely an okay affair with problems that are tough to ignore. The editing is stiff and rigid with some of the action sequences hard to get in to, while the sound is off completely. Sometimes the dialogue is completely tough to hear while other times the screams of the victims practically burst an ear drum.

“Chainsaw Sally” is very rough around the edges, but once you surpass the technical faults, it’s a rather pleasing and demented horror comedy. April Monique Burril pulls in a competent performance as the incomparable Sally who protects her town’s interests with a chainsaw and a butcher knife, and loves a good viewing of Gor De Vol when she can manage it.  It’s no surprise JimmyO saw something in the character as the scenarios for Sally’s havoc are numerous and Burril is never above creating some of the goofiest scenarios to put Sally in. In one moment she chases down and mauls a girl in the woods with her chainsaw for not returning her overdue book in the library.

In another she mimics “I Spit on Your Grave’s” infamous castration scene to get back at a womanizer in a bar. It’s only a few those instances that turn Sally from a horror villainess in to a bonafide anti-heroine and with “Chainsaw Sally” you’ll only see the tip of the iceberg with the potential the character holds. I had a good time with the film and I genuinely like Chainsaw Sally. While very rough around the edges, 2004’s “Chainsaw Sally” is an admirable low budget start to a decent series of films that would spotlight the lovely Chainsaw Sally. Burril has a clear vision and some creativity to boot, and he brings it to the forefront of this horror comedy strictly attuned to the splatter buffs.