The Halloween Stories Collection Volume 2 (DVD)

For families interested in exposing their young storytellers to unique and interesting scary stories that won’t traumatize them, Scholastic offers up a three pack of DVD’s at over two hours in length featuring stories of all kinds. They’re related mainly to the season of fall and bones, but they’re also about exploring the unknown and the vast scary dimensions of reality that can seem scary to children quite often. With voice work from esteemed actors like Joan Allen and Rita Moreno, many of the stories are sometimes crudely drawn, but appealing nonetheless in their whimsy.

“What’s Under My Bed?” is a sweet tale about two children’s confrontation with monster under their bed, and their grandfather’s attempts to reduce their fears with his own tale about a monster under the bed. Every story comes closed captioned with highlighted captioning allowing the audience to sing along or read along, which allows for a very entertaining interactive experience. In the sing along DVD, you can sing the lyrics to “Hush Little Baby,” “Dem Bones,” and “Erie Canal,” or venture over to the Halloween disc for “Los Gatos Black on Halloween,” a short poem that celebrates the traditional icons of the holiday including skulls, black cats, and witches.

“The Boy with Two Shadows” is the funny tale of a young boy who agrees to watch the shadow of a witch for her while she takes a break from its nuisance. Little does he realize, her shadow is up to no good. “Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman” is a short adventure about three boys that venture out in to the woods and come across the dreaded witch woman. Using tools and their wits, they attempt to fend off the evil witch who wants them for food. With many extras, including the read along function, “The Halloween Stories” collection is a fun and creative way to entertain and stimulate, and it’s a definite treat for younger audiences.

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