Crave (2013)

I really wanted to like Charles de Lauzirika’s “Crave,” because while it is painfully boring, it plants seeds for some chaos and havoc when it begins. The problem is that it never follows through on those seedlings of story potential. At least Charles de Lauzirika doesn’t seem to know how. What could be a demented look at a descent in to darkness turns in to a soapy, dripping melodrama with a hint of violence added all for a very lame pay off.

Did I mention “Crave” is boring? Josh Lawson plays Aiden, a crime photographer who views violence through his lens everyday and can’t help but feel the victims he photographs need justice. Meanwhile he finds himself involved in daily scenarios where he is desperate to do something and help someone, but simply can’t. Eventually when he finds affection for his pretty neighbor, his “crave” for justice takes over and soon he wants to begin striking down the victimizers and predators. But then, nothing actually happens from there.

Lawson as Aiden stumbles through this murky and bland drama that involves him finding trouble, and then basically doing nothing about it. He finds out that his fantasies have a greater power than his reality, but then why should we care if they don’t affect him as a person? He does eventually step forward and begin trying to right what he deems as societal wrongs, but there’s little progress. He captures pictures of a father flirting with his daughter’s best friend at her sweet sixteen party, and opts to spy on him taking pictures of their obvious affair, but the resolution of said sub-plot is utterly dull.

We learn that Aiden is a bit of an impotent man who is also a piss poor criminal. Something we learn from the outset. Edward Furlong does nothing but appear sporadically throughout the narrative only to set the stage for the violent climax, while Ron Perlman is the superior to Aiden struggling to maintain his sanity, and doing a piss poor job of it. “Crave” is a tedious bore from start to finish, offering no insight in to the characters its draws for the audience. Lawson is a strong actor, but “Crave” gives him absolutely nothing to work with.

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