It All Goes Away (2016)

itallgoesawayWe are in dire need of tales about Superman that are more thoughtful and awe inspiring. Superman can inspire hope and heroism and act as an avatar for humanity, and “It All Goes Away” proves it. Director Zachariah Smith adapts the short Superman story “Sam’s Tale.” Penned by comic book writer Jeph Loeb, the story was written him as a form of grieving for his son Sam who, very sadly, died of bone cancer in 2005, just as he was beginning to break out in the comic book world. Originally titled “Sam’s Story,” Loeb takes a very contemplative look at Clark Kent living in a world where death is an inevitability.

Before the death of his father, Clark was best friends with a boy named Sam. As Sam begins to fall ill, Clark discovers Sam is dying from bone cancer and is oddly hiding it from him. The sad fact is Clark has the powers of a God, but is completely and utterly helpless against the horrible cancer destroying his childhood friend. Not only does Clark have to face that he is helpless, but he also has to wrap his head around the fact that he just can’t save everyone in the world. It’s a tough pill to swallow as his parents try to help him come to terms with the impending death of his friend. All the while Clark feels utterly helpless and can do nothing more than sit back and hope Sam goes peacefully.

“It All Goes Away” is a very emotional and heartbreaking fan film that beautifully conveys the emotions on the screen. Zachariah Smith definitely invokes the feeling of the Superman lore, while also unfolding such a gut wrenching tale of loss, grief, and illness in an unfair world. “It All Goes Away” has everything you’d want in a fan film. It’s beautifully scored, garners some excellent direction by Smith, and features top notch performances from the entire cast. It’s a clear example that you can tell a great Superman story without him ever punching an alien or gangster.