Creepshow 2 (1987): Special Edition [Blu-Ray]

While “Creepshow 2” has always been taken as one of pair of horror movies that pay tribute to the golden age of EC Comics, over the years the horror community has learned to appreciate “Creepshow 2” as its own entity. Surely, its cut from the same cloth as the original classic, but it also carves out its own identity and doesn’t repeat the same beats as the original film. The Michael Gornick directed sequel is a darker, grittier, and more vicious follow up to what was kind of a raucous and darkly comic celebration, and it works. As a nostalgic memento, and as a sequel carved by Stephen King and George Romero, “Creepshow 2” is a classic in its own right.

It’s a definitely watchable and very entertaining horror film with three tales that have garnered their own fan bases since its release in 1987. “Creepshow 2” centers on the Creeper, an enigmatic monster that spins three very entertaining yarns. One is of a cigar store Indian chief who comes to life to avenge an elderly couple who are murdered by three criminals when they’re asked to care for a local Native American tribe’s jewels. The second, and arguably best, involves four college students stuck on a raft in the middle of a lake as they’re terrorized by a sentient black blob that’s hell bent on devouring them. The finale involves a self centered woman driving home from a torrid affair. When she runs over a homeless man on the highway and leaves him for dead, she’s horrified when the man refuses to stay dead and insists on a ride.

“Creepshow 2” is a childhood favorite. It’s a film that I watched over and over as a kid whenever it showed on network TV. Director Michael Gornick and writer Stephen King spin three really interesting tales, all of which display a keen sense of viciousness that is much different than the first film. That tonal shift might be a change too far for folks that loved the bright and fun terrors from Romero’s film, but “Creepshow 2” is invested more in menace than anything. From the eerie opening, to the transition to fully animated introductions in the vein of Ralph Bakshi by Rick Catizone, to Tom Savini garnering the visage of The Creeper, “Creepshow 2” is its own delicious, entertaining animal, through and through, and Arrow Video has graced us with a wonderful new edition.

The release from Arrow Video has been given to fans in two editions and I jumped on the Limited Edition* as soon as I could. The Limited edition features a slip box with a full color booklet that offers fans an opportunity to read the segment fourth segment of “Creepshow 2” that wasn’t included due to budgetary reasons. It can now be viewed in comic book form. There Blu-Ray also has a reversible cover, with a small booklet garnering full color photos and two essays about the movie, and the restoration for this release. “Tales from the Creep” is a great interview with legendary make up artist Tom Savini, who explores his make up and animatronics work. “Screenplay for a Sequel” is a great interview with George Romero, while “Poncho’s Last Ride” is a fun interview with Daniel Beer, who plays poor bastard and molester Randy, from “The Raft.”

“The Road to Dover” is a fun interview with Tom Wright, the poor hit and run victim who really wanted a ride. “Nightmares in Foam Rubber” is an interview with SFX artist Howard Berger and Gregory Nicotero, while “My Friend Rick” is a nice interview with Howard Berger who discusses his mentor, the great Rick Baker. The five minute “Behind the Scenes” has some neat footage of make up, prosthetics, and grue. There’s an image gallery, and a very fun gallery of trailers and TV spots for “Creepshow 2.” Finally, there’s an audio commentary with featuring Perry Martin hosting with director Michael Gornick. Finally, there’s the original screenplay for “Creepshow 2” available as BD-ROM content.

* Though we do review films for Arrow Video, I paid for “Creepshow 2” out of pocket, and the views expressed, as always, are my own.