Fast Convoy (Le Convoi) (2016)

A convoy carrying drug to Spain hits a few issues on the road and must make due with what they can.

Written by Yann Brion and Frédéric Schoendoerffer and directed by the latter, Fast Convoy is a road movie and a drug movie while it also kinda feels like a heist movie in that these guys, in multiple cars, are basically trying to make it to a destination with illicit merchandize.  The film is rather character-based with each character traveling with a co-pilot and taking orders from an unseen man.  The story builds around them as they drive.  While the title is a bit misleading, the film does have a few car-chase-ish scenes which have occasional nods to different car films and may or may not be influenced by the Luc Besson way of shooting cars on the road (low to the ground, front car pov).  The car stuff is really one of the main appeals to this film and the scenes are well done and shot.

The cast here is dominated by Benoît Magimel who has a part that is not necessarily the biggest, but is very important.  He dominates in that he is the most famous of the cast and the usually best in any movie he shows up in.  Here he is magnetic as usual and does good work with a part that is mysterious in nature and doesn’t give him a ton of screen time until later in the film.  The rest of the cast is also good with Reem Kherici standing out with a strong performance as the hostage once things get desperate for two of the drivers.  She has a softer touch to the proceeding and a new angle to the story.  Her acting stands out in many ways, all of them good.

The cinematography by Vincent Gallot works the road and the cars well and makes the most of the cramps car settings when the film spends time with the teams of drivers and co-drivers.  The way it establishes each of their spaces work perfectly for the story.   The aforementioned Besson-inspired driving scenes are a nice nods to famous car films and sequences made in France such as Subway, the Taxi series, and the first Transporter film.  It’s something that this reviewer can appreciate as a well shot-car sequence is not easy to pull off and it adds a ton to a film like this one.

Fast Convoy has some really fun sequences, a few strong performances, and some damn nice cars used on a beautiful road in ways that add excitement to a fairly simple story of smugglers bringing drugs to another country and ending up taking a hostage.  It’s a fun film, with plenty car goodness to oogle.

Fast Convoy comes out on VOD in the US on December 5th, 2016.