TNT’s “Claws” is as Bizarre and Fun as Ever in Season Three

Its season three for one of the most bizarre but very entertaining crime thrillers TNT has ever brought to the small screen. After season two falling in with the Russian mafia, and surviving a deadly marriage, the season closed with an assassination attempt on Desna’s life. Virginia sadly suffered the bullet meant for her sister in law. “Claws” returns taking off immediately from the last scene from season two and it takes off like a rocket. It’s the same lunacy as always for “Claws” with bizarre fantasy sequences, some genuinely darkly funny comedy, and a brand new pair of villains that might just be the undoing of Desna and her crew if she isn’t careful.

Now with Desna inheriting the casino, she’s faced with a deadly eccentric couple named Mac and Mable. The elderly Native American man and his middle aged white wife with a penchant for gassing herself have a vicious hold of all of their affairs and are more than surprised when they find out Desna is unwilling to be bought out of her stake in the casino. Meanwhile, everyone is pretty much dealing with the fall out from season two. Uncle Daddy is sore about being humiliated, Polly is dealing with her psychotic problems, Jenn is confronted with the father of one of her daughters who is demanding time with her, and Quiet Anne is still conflicted over her torrid affair that almost got Desna jailed.

Worse, Virginia is tasked with caring for the shop while Desna cares for the casino, and if that’s not enough Desna is worried for her brother who is anxious to go out and murder the person or persons that sought to kill Desna and almost killed Virginia. The writing is sharp and weird as always and it’s just how I love it. The series indulges in some surrealism that breaks the monotony without breaking a sweat. This includes (in the first two episodes) a weird sequence involving a detached eye, a hilarious escape scene, and the immensely odd introduction of the season’s nemeses. And what would a season of “Claws” be without the traditional synchronized dance sequence?

“Claws” is a series I was sure wouldn’t go beyond season one, but I’m happy to see it going right in to season three and doing it with as much originality and dark humor as possible.

Premiering June 9th on TNT.