976-Evil II (1992)


Director Jim Wynorski offers up a sometimes clever, but inferior follow up to the original Robert Englund film, that doesn’t really advance the narrative so much as it treads water. Rather than explore the themes of the apocalypse, and the eventual war of good and evil dictated by the hotline, we’re once again subjected to a tale about the hotline wreaking havoc.

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9 (2009)

One thing Acker has going for him is the animation. I haven’t seen a movie filled with such fluid motion and sheer detail outside of a Pixar film, and Acker seems to challenge “Wall-E’s” apocalyptic wasteland with his own that sparks on facets like steam punk and whimsical quite often. The burlap dolls are magnificent and make for some appealing heroes and heroines because their designs are so fantastic. From their glass eyes, right down to their wooden hands, these pint sized heroes are such a sight upon their introduction. Beyond their personalities, it’s easy to know which character is which and what they’re meant for as bits of their master’s soul. The wonderful technology keeps the terrain and lands looking like steaming piles of rubble where artifacts are left behind and humans have been all but decimated at the claws of their war machines.

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