11:14 (2003)


Imagine “The Trouble with Harry” combined with “Go”, and then take those films and dump it in a pile of shit, and then you’d have “11:14”, an incredibly grueling experience with yet more episodic vignettes except dialed down with a B cast with the likes of Colin Hanks, Patrick Swayze, and Oscar Winner Hillary Swank. One of these things is not like the other… Either way, “11:14” wants to be considered Altmanesque, but really it’s just another “Pulp Fiction” redux, ensemble cast and all, except shitty. Shelved for three years, and finally released in 2005 to a DVD release, and then premiering late night on cable television was a a deserved fate for such a low brow utterly ridiculous ensemble picture as “11:14”.

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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2002)


This is an interesting and profound drama, because this movie has one underlying theme that is relatable and universal: happiness. This movie has four separate characters whose life and tale seems to interconnect in some odd way. Matthew Mc Conaughey plays Troy, a hotshot lawyer with a triumphant swagger whose luck can’t seem to stop after putting a suspect in jail, and he has everything going for him, until he accidentally hits someone with his car and drives off to leave them to die. Slowly within the movie he descents into madness as his guilt has him take a mental plunge.

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