Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992): 20th Anniversary Edition


Director Donald Farmer’s “Invasion of the Scream Queens” is an interesting memento of the horror world that should be preserved for posterity. Film lovers in general seem to have a very low opinion of the scream queen and how crucial they are to horror films, while they’re a mostly undocumented period of the horror and video era. “Invasion of the Scream Queen” centers on almost a dozen beautiful scream queens, all of whom sit down with director Donald Farmer to discuss their experience in the business of horror filmmaking, and their thoughts on acting.

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Ten More Modern Final Girls We Love

After “Our Favorite Modern Final Girls” hit the site a few years ago, we’ve been watching the horror genre with a magnifying glass and keeping an eye out for new scream queens and final girls making the scene. You’d be surprised how many new gorgeous young actresses can pop up in only a matter of two years and take the horror film world by storm. Lo and behold we gathered ten more Modern Final Girls we Love. Some of our choices have been around for almost ten years, some over ten years, and a few have just started making the scene as a premiere beautiful face fighting evil or monsters. With their charms and talents, they continue rethinking the mold of the modern final girl, and keep adding a respectability to what was once considered a disposable element of the film world.
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An Interview with Linnea Quigley

Thanks a lot for agreeing to the interview, you’re a massive rock star around my household!
Thanks for the rock star thing! I’m trying to re-record the songs I wrote, plus I love writing. I still like the raw feel of the “originals” though, so thanks.

Do you feel horror films are much more jaded than they were back in the eighties or nineties?
I think back when i did horror films they were put in a bad class. It was like “Oh you’re doing that.” Now with “The Walking Dead,” they are accepted more by everyone. But some bad films are still being made, and just thrown together. But nothing beats “Return of the Living Dead” or “Night of the Demons.”

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