LovecraCked! The Movie (2006)


Elias goes for the good old trick of cinema. When all else fails, throw in a hot chick or two. And man, are there ever good looking women here. Gillian MacGregor is one who will burn herself into your brain in “Witch’s Spring” as a rather sexy witch seducing a man, and then there’s Nicky Ladanowski in “Bug boy” a fleeting and rather horrific little skit involving a man’s rage manifesting itself into a monster. Elias’ talent shows, and when he tackles the horror element, he really pulls through in a gritty disturbing manner. Take for the example the weird “RePenetrator” which is surprisingly funny and inappropriately erotic, in which the Dr. West re-animates a body so hot he has to engage in rough sex with it before it turns on him.

Director Elias seems to heavily aspire for the Quasi-Monty Python/Troma effect, and it works in some instances, especially when the interviewer discusses H.P. Lovecraft with others, and they have no idea who he’s talking about. “Lovecracked!” works in some ways. Elias’ film “Lovecracked!” isn’t awful. By no means is it an awful film. Would I watch it again? Most likely. Because this is a film that deserves a second chance. But is it memorable? I’m not sure. I have to plead for middling here, folks. Because I was conflicted with “Lovecracked!” One the one hand it was wild and crazy, but then on the other hand, I just couldn’t find anything to laugh loudly about. Does it seek to spoof or pay homage to Lovecraft? Was this a loving homage, or a pure Brooks satire? I just couldn’t decide.

Elias’ “Lovecracked!” is well intentioned, poorly conceived. The interviews work on only some occasions, but the rest is filled with rather over-the-top acting, pretty weak gags, and jokes that seemed to be ripped directly from the boys at Monty Python. While it’s funny in the context, it just didn’t strike me while watching it here. The comedy was just lost on me from the very beginning, and for all it has going for it, it just loses it. Most of the stories are so short and rapid fire that I just couldn’t find a moment to settle down and get into it. Stories like “Bugboy” which drips with terror is much too fleeting to be enjoyed, and it’s disappointing when we watch a story setting in and then suddenly we jump onto another scenario. I wasn’t sure what to make of most of the stories, and I lost patience quickly. With “Lovecracked!” it’s a case of either getting it or not. And I just didn’t get it, unfortunately. It’s not an awful film by any means, but a film with potential, and occasionally funny moments that I could either take or leave when I was finished.