An Interview with Actress Sarah Hall

sarahhall-fullThree words come to mind when I think of Sarah Hall: Yow, Yum, and Wow. Now, you endure my girl crazy antics day in and day out, but Sarah Hall isn’t all looks. It’s not a secret the folks at Asylum and I aren’t on the best of terms, and “The Hitchhiker” is one of the primary films from the video label that has managed to draw the line in the sand (long story), but one of the only highlights of the film is the performance, and arguably, the debut of Sarah Hall to B movie fans. Hall is one of the many rotating cast of actors in the Asylum fold that appears in almost every film title.

Hall has the potential to break out from the horror genre, and can kick the film world up its ass. As a person she’s friendly, and outgoing, and knows how to humor folks, and on-screen she’s unique, charismatic, and manages to steal the show quite often. For proof, turn to “The Hitchhiker,” which almost becomes a display for Hall’s rather alarming sex appeal, and she continues her Asylum affairs with the upcoming–ahem–mock buster “Transmorphers.”

We grabbed a hold of Hall and interviewed her, and yes, even flirted a bit, but Hall was kind enough not to put out a restraining order and obliged. Here’s the hap with Hall.

Hey, Ms. Hall. Thanks for agreeing to the interview, how are things on your end?
Very well, thank you.

Can I call you Sarah?
Of course.

So, let’s cut to the chase, when did you start acting, and why?
I started acting in 7th grade. Me and a friend decided to audition for the new school play just to see if we could do it. We both got a part, but I was hooked from then on. I started to audition for every play I could after that, and landing jobs with the local theater groups.

Is it difficult being an actress in this day and age?
Its definitely a challenging experience…..In Georgia (where I’m from), I kinda felt like a bigger fish in a smaller pond, so I got used to the fact that by being an actress, I was a minority, and I liked that. After I moved to New York, and even more so after I moved to LA, I found I was in a pool where everyone did what I did, or wanted to do, and its frustrating because you lose your sense of originality from time to time. Its definitely crazy to go out and see 40 people who all look the same, and you know that you will probably see them all at your next audition.

I admit to not being a fan of “The Hitchhiker,” but you stood out, mostly because you seemed so comfortable in your character. Not that I’m calling you a drunken skank, by the way.
Ha ha…. Did I mention that I was a method actor?… totally kidding. Funny, you’re not the first one to say that. What can I say, it was a really fun character to play.

What was the shoot like for “The Hitchhiker”?
Creepy! But in a really cool way… the location we shot at was this old, run-down motel in Pearblossom, out in the middle of nowhere. Like, tumbleweeds rolling by, etc. We all had a hotel to stay at like 20 miles away in town, but after the first couple nights of shooting, a lot of us decided to just stay on location because it was convenient. So we did, and there wasn’t one night that went by that something weird didn’t happen.

There was one room in particular (I think 11) that people would complain of feeling like they were being watched, they heard noises, saw faces, really weird stuff… anyway, a woman from town came on to set one day to drop something off for the motel manager, and we told her to give it to someone who was in that room 11. The woman refused, and said she wouldn’t go in there, because she used to work there, and a man had been found dead in that room a while back… hmmm, strange? Yes, I think so.

The common reaction these days from folks I keep hearing is “I did not like The Hitchhiker but Sarah Hall…” or “I thought the Hitchhiker was terrible, but wow, Sarah Hall…” how do you feel about that reaction?
Wow I’m very flattered, thank you. Thats very sweet of those folks.

For those not completely familiar with your work yet, what other films have you done before “The Hitchhiker”?
I worked on two before “Hitchhiker” (When A Killer Calls, and Dracula’s Curse). And just recently finished Robot Wars. (Transmorphers)

Have you had a long involvement with The Asylum?
I was introduced to them, hmmm, guess, wow I dont know, a couple of years ago? It was when I auditioned for the first film I did with them (When a Killer Calls).

Have they helped your career?
The majority of work that I have done has been with Asylum, so of course I they have given me a great amount of opportunity. And I’ve met a lot of talented people who I would be delighted to work with in the future for other projects.

Do you have any training in acting?
I studied with the Alliance theater in Atlanta while I lived there, and was majoring in theater in college (GA state) but dropped out to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, where I studied all aspects of acting… scene study, voice and speech, combat, Shakespeare, you name it. Here in LA I’ve studied under Lesly Kahn, and some other coaches. I pretty much try to stay active with classes whether its for acting or dancing, or whatever… I’ve taken a few fire arms classes, and nunchakus.

Who would you love to work with in the future?
I love everything I’ve seen so far by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, Heaven). I would love to work with him. Dame Judi Dench, Kevin Spacey… I think they are incredible actors and would also love to work with them…

What do you do when you’re not acting?
I’m really into music… all kinds of music, so I really like going out to see live bands. Even if they are local. It’s fun to see people doing what they love especially as a performer, travel (when its possible); I try to go somewhere I’ve never been before as much as I can. In the US, overseas, whatever. I’ve been to Europe about four times, and haven’t seen half of all I want to see. I think its important to get out and see our world, and what’s going on in it. Other than that, I’m pretty lame… I like to lay around my house in my pajamas with my cat and watch movies I got from Netflix all day.

Do you have a specific genre of film you’re seeking as an actress, or are you open to any film that can give you a chance to spread your skills?
As a relative “newcomer” to the business, I’ve so far been open to any film, since I don’t really have a lot of room to be picky, I would, however, eventually like to work on period pieces… anything from any other time in history… renaissance, civil war, 20’s… all of them. I really like action/thrillers too. Shooting guns = fun.

This is probably an odd question considering you act, but are you a movie fan?
Netflix is my best friend.

So what are some of your favorites?
Aw, man, I hate this question! okay, lets see… Casino, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Usual Suspects, Shawshank Redemption, Run Lola Run… I guess that’s my top 5.

Do you have any actors or actresses you tend to emulate or would like to model your career after?
I’d probably go with Cate Blanchett on this one.

Tell us something weird about you.
I have crooked pinkies…
(Toes, or fingers?)

So, where can your fans look out for you next?
Transmorphers will be out in June. I just saw the trailer, and I’m really excited.

And for the win, how would you best sum yourself up to readers not familiar with you yet?
Spicy. Ha ha not really, but that’s what I like to call everybody else, so I’ll give myself that title for now too.

Sarah can be seen in many Asylum titles, including the upcoming “Transmorphers” which actually looks pretty good, and a win for Asylum this go around. Thanks to Sarah for her kindness and good humor, and best of luck to her and her career.