Killer Cup (2002)

killercup“Killer Cup” is about killer cups! What? You were expecting more? Alright fine! A.Normale’s short horror film entitled “Killer Cup” is pretty much a situation about what you see being what you get. Set to an obviously not copyrighted score by Rob Zombie, “Killer Cup” sets down at any school in the world where we view the plight of the Styrofoam cups used for tearing, smoker’s ashes, sunflower seeds and the like. Clearly, this is Michael Moore’s prologue to an upcoming environmental documentary right?

Nope, this is an A.Normale production as soon as the Styrofoam cups revolt and decide they’ve had enough and unleash a fury of hell that’s not biodegradable. When a woman goes to the hospital from a Styrofoam cup exploding in her face (I don’t know, just go with it), another class mate is attacked by a biting cup. Seemingly unaffected by this supernatural incident he goes home and the cups that stay at the school decide to band together and do… something. I don’t know what a Styrofoam cup would have as a goal in life, but apparently, they’ve built an army and rule among one another with squeaks and squeals and out from the bowels of hell they mangle, mutilate, and attack anyone unfortunate enough to not recycle, all set to the tune of plot holes, choppy editing, and some oddly sharp art on the faces of the killer cups, all of whom have their own personalities, and expressions.

Go figure. It’s really tough to hate a movie with so much imagination and silliness behind it, especially when the director clearly had his tongue in cheek the whole time with some interesting art, attractive stop motion, and villains you don’t really seem to find anywhere else. There’s even a shot of about a hundred Styrofoam cups with evil faces that likely took a day or two to make, so you have to appreciate their drive and motivation to bring us what amounts to nothing more than a stupid short horror film that will appeal to anyone looking for a good laugh and hoping to teach their kids about the dangers of using Styrofoam for Green week. It’s a short movie about killer Styrofoam cups. The odds of this being a horror masterpiece are pretty much slim to none. However the juvenile side of me that appreciates the effort of a horror fan found “Killer Cup” to be an entertaining short flick with some good animation and cheesy gore. Plus it has cups with fangs, and you can’t get more original than that.