The Backwater Gospel (2011)

500px-The_Backwater_GospelWho needs a monster when you can allow people to become the monsters themselves? When you throw in a bunch of bigoted narrow minded individuals together, and hand them superstitious hokum to chew on, you’re going to get a good idea of who they are and who they will become in due time. The town in a desert hole finds itself fearing the reaper every time the dreaded undertaker comes around to take measurements for death’s latest toll, and uses their Christian beliefs as a shield against his menace.

But when the undertaker’s messenger comes calling with his song of his newest client, the church going ton folks find themselves horrified by who may go next, and soon begin to drive themselves mad. A wonderful indictment on religion and the futility of superstition and hypocrisy of faith, “The Backwater Gospel” is a horrifying and brilliantly animated short film that shows what happens when human beings confront death. At the end of the day when superstition and pleasantry have been cast aside, we’re all just ravenous fiending monsters who will do anything to stay alive.

We’ll even kill our own family. Providing some slow and calculated storytelling and very subtle moral messages on the meaning of faith and belief, “The Backwater Gospel” presents a monster, and it isn’t the undertaker. It’s the man with the bible. With excellent animation, rich characters, and a rather relevant commentary on the dangers of superstition and hypocrisy, “The Backwater Gospel” is a short film worthy of the watch, if only for a picture at how we’d truly respond when faced with imminent doom.