Saturday the 14th (2013)


What does your average run of the mill slasher do on his time off? Eventually your hockey masked slasher has to unwind and recharge right? Kristjan Lyngmo’s short animated film is rather genius, in that it not only features a hockey masked slasher, but one of a lineage of hockey masked slashers who divides his time between murdering hapless campers and coming home to deal with everyday problems.

The background of the short film is the icing on the cake, as Kristjan Lyngmo and her team include a lot of really funny Easter eggs. There’s the hilarious names of the medicine in character Mason’s medicine cabinet, the fridge magnets, and the wall of family slashers through the ages. Kristjan Lyngmo brings us through the doldrums of a slasher’s every day life, from eating, serving food, drinking, and brushing their teeth.

The incredible computer animation by Kristjan Lyngmo paired with the wonderful score make this a loving horror homage that skirts copyright infringement but dodges it with clever writing, and even better jokes. The final scene is just hysterical. Fans of “Friday the 13th” need apply, as this is a short deserving of a following.