Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness (2013)


Marvel Entertainment thought Brian Rosenthal’s fan film was too damn excellent for anyone to see, so they wiped out this fan film from the internet faster than you can say “Necronomicon.” But for the few folks that were able to catch it, director Brian Rosenthal delivers one hell of a kick ass short fan film that previews what could be an amazing film. In an alternate reality where Marvel and Sam Raimi teamed up for a great horror action film.

Taking its cues from the original comic book crossover, we meet Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey both of whom have barely managed to outrun the zombie menace plaguing New York. When Peter and Gwen seek out an escape with Peter’s new toy in tow, he’s killed by Zombie Wolverine and eaten alive. Just as Gwen watches helplessly, Ash interrupts the show and bravely battles Wolverine, who simply will not go down. Director Rosenthal really channels the kinetic energy of “Army of Darkness” with the demented concept of Marvel heroes turned flesh eating zombies.

You also have to love the excellent costumes, depicting Wolverine in his classic leather jacket, while Ash is so ridiculously faithful to the character, it’s startling. The center of the short is Ash, and the ultimate hook depends on the performance and thankfully the cast are up to the task. Michael Angel Colon is deliciously creepy as zombie wolverine, while David VonHippchen steals the show as Ashley Williams. “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness” garners a lot of admirable ambition, realizing the wonderful comic book for fans, and it’s a fantastic adaptation that deserves notice, if only for the fantastic performances by the cast, and Brian Rosenthal’s excellent direction.