Night of the Demons III (1997)


Movie three and I’m still not sure about what Hull house is, or why it hasn’t been torn down yet by the city. We know it’s built to keep out demons, and we know a man is accused of slaughtering his entire family (all of whom likely possessed by demons), but beyond that we’re not given anymore information. There’s still a lot of material to be mined from the concept, but director Jimmy Kaufman is mainly here to bring us through the motions. Angela is back, and she’s preparing another Halloween party for demonic minions. That’s about it, and that’s all we’re really getting for this final outing. Unlike the second film, Kaufman doesn’t do much with Kevin Tenney’s original premise.

Despite a pretty slick opening credits scene, it’s all fairly goofy low budget junk. The prologue is hilariously stupid as Angela slays a local security guard with his badge, and then we’re introduced to the typical cliche teenagers and ethnic characters. Angela is nothing but a plot device this time around as Amelia Kinkaid appears without dialogue often, rigging certain situations as Angela. For some reason, Angela can venture outside of Hull House and she can move items with her mind. How? Who the hell knows? Amelia Kinkaid is as sexy and vivacious as ever, representing that evil horror villainess you root against, but wouldn’t mind submitting temptation towards.

Kinkaid has great screen presence and pure allure, even in this low budget mess. Holly and Abbie are cruising for the night to enjoy Halloween. For some reason Angela wrecks Holly’s car, so when Nick and his pals pull up, they agree to give them a ride. While attempting to buy beer with a fake ID, bad boy Vince gets in a scuffle with the shop owner and murders two police officers. Fleeing for their lives, their first option to hide out is at Hull House. Of course! Hide out in the abandoned mansion in the end of town. That’s perfectly reasonable. I’m still not sure what Angela was accomplishing wrecking Holly’s car.

Did she know Vince would go on a killing spree leading the group to Hull House? Also, why did we need to spend so much time with the elderly police officer exchanging quips with his receptionist over the walkie talkie? Why does Angela need souls again? Is she planning world domination? And what exactly is the demon in the oven that seems to rule over Angela in Hull House? “Night of the Demons 3” is a very sub-par follow up to two great horror comedies; it’s a shame Kaufman only has so much resources to work with, and what he has available to him, he wastes. I hope we get a true closer to the series, someday.