Blood Widow (2014)


What’s interesting about “Blood Widow” is that first time director Jeremiah Buckhalt really is on to something with the character of Blood Widow. She’s a beautifully designed and vicious slasher villain with an incredible blood lust. The mask she dons is spooky, and she really looks like she can take anyone on, be it a damsel in distress, or a four hundred pound trucker. It’s just a shame that she’s given almost nothing to do in her first slasher outing. Jeremiah Buckhalt’s movie clocks in at eighty minutes, and most of that time is spent on a group of characters that aren’t very interesting or smart.

They’re really just cannon fodder for the Blood Widow, who slaughters people with her two blades. She’s almost like an S&M Jason Voorhees, and yet she really doesn’t get the chance to do much, but sit in the shadows, and occasionally off people. What, does she just sit in the darkness for days on end, waiting for people to come by? Hell, at least give her characters that can provide her with some obstacles. How do you supply your villain with a Cat o’ nine tails and only let them use it in the finale? All “Blood Widow” amounts to is couple Laurie (Danielle Lilley) and Hugh (Brandon Kyle Peters) renting a house in the country side, where they’re accidentally stationed next to an abandoned old house. They invite friends over for a giant house party, and as always, passersby begin to drift in to the Blood Widow’s domain, where she proceeds to mutilate people without breaking a sweat.

“Blood Widow” is quite obviously a movie without much of a narrative, as most of the first thirty minutes just features endless scenes of partiers dancing to generic house music. There’s also a long scene of one character tripping, and the eventual murder by the Blood Widow. What little there is, involves Laurie and Hugh arguing about their stagnant relationship, and a lot of side characters dropping trou, or drinking. I’d love to think of “Blood Widow” as an homage to eighties slashers, but eighties slashers had at least some semblance of a narrative. And they also knew how to give the villains a showcase to demonstrate how lethal they are. While “Blood Widow” isn’t a complete dropping of the ball, it still really has nothing to offer beside a very sleek and visually pleasing slasher villain. I’d love to see Blood Widow included in another film with more interesting characters, and a much more complex plot down the line. The character is too bad ass to wallow in obscurity.