Peanuts: EMMY Honored Collection (DVD)


While the rest of America is celebrating the resurgence of the Peanuts with “The Peanuts Movie,” those that want an education in to the appeal of the series can pick up Warner’s latest release. While the holiday series from the Peanuts are typically timeless and quite iconic, the Peanuts has also earned themselves plenty of Emmy nominations and a few wins with some non-holiday themed Charlie Brown specials that are also quite good in their own right. Warner releases over four hours of Charlie Brown specials on a two DVD set that is so worth the pick up. Especially if you’re a hardcore Peanuts fans like yours truly.

Among two DVD set, there’s “You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown” from 1979, which features Charlie Brown trying to win a decathlon at the Junior Olympics! After placing third, Charlie feels pressure to win and tackles all kinds of obstacles including high hurdles, pole vaults, and the like! “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown” from 1980 centers on Peppermint Patty who trains for a figure skating competition with Snoopy acting as her coach! Like Charlie Brown she faces unseen obstacles, including a terrible skating outfit to a malfunctioning soundtrack. “It’s Magic, Charlie Brown” from 1981 centers on Snoopy who becomes a magician after reading a Magic book! When he makes Charlie Brown disappear, he struggles to find a way to bring him back. “Someday You’ll Find Her, Charlie Brown” from 1981 finds Charlie Brown in love again, when he spots the girl of his dreams during a football game.

Now with Linus’ help, he seeks her out in hopes of rekindling their romance. “Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?” from 1983 explores the move of Linus and sister Lucy when their dad gets a new job and is forced to relocate. Now Charlie Brown and pals must figure out how to cope without their friends around. “Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown” from 1980 finds Snoopy joining the circus and becoming a popular performer, meanwhile Charlie tries to cope without Snoopy who is renamed “Hugo the Great.” For the first time on DVD, there’s “What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?” from 1983, explores the idea of war, as the Peanuts Gang travels to Europe and visit various war memorials, learning about the first and second world war, the D-Day Invasion, and the meaning of sacrifice.

“It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown,” from 1984 is an anthology of eighties dance parodies starring the Peanuts Gang, as they parody break dancing and disco, to name a few. “Snoopy’s Getting Married, Charlie Brown” from 1985 sees Snoopy about to tie the knot with the gorgeous poodle Genevieve, and how he and his friends deal with the occasion and prepare for the ceremony. The heartbreaking “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?” from 1990 is on DVD for the first time, and explores how Linus copes with ill classmate Janice, who he bonds with, and grows great affection for, defending her from bullies, and eventually learning why she’s sick. Finally, “You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown” from 1975, features the Peanuts gang getting fast and furious as they begin racing Motocross and competing against one another with hilarious results! It’s safe to say this is a treasure trove for any Peanuts collector that fancy themselves fans of Charles Schulz’s beloved franchise.