Bunnicula, The Vampire Rabbit (1982)

bunniculaI admit I never read the “Bunnicula” movies when I was a kid nor did I ever really see the animated specials. The TV movie was one of those specials ABC played after Saturday morning cartoons as a means of promoting different types of kids literature. “Bunnicula” is one of the more creative of its type and a definitely fun Halloween treat for kids that love horror that isn’t too scary. Set in a small town, two boys find a weird scripture with the words “Bunnicula” written on it, along with a slumbering rabbit inside of a box.

Along with their trusty dog, they begin investigating why fruits and vegetables from a local factory are being sucked of their juices. The town suspects Bunnicula and is very intent on stopping the sentient vampire rabbit, but its new owners are convinced something more sinister is happening in the factory. The animation for the most part is solid with a lot of the narrative fairly simplistic. Bunnicula is never the monster he’s perceived to be until he manages to defend his owners against other monsters.

Aside from that, most of “Bunnicula” revolve around the pair of its owners looking for who may have sucked all of the juices from the produce in the factor. At twenty two minutes “Bunnicula” doesn’t waste time, unfolding a brisk and very speedily paced story that will allow an entertaining Halloween fix for kids. Even if you’ve never read the books this special should be very entertaining. It’s now available to watch on Youtube.