Hunt for the Skinwalker (2018)

The mystery of the Skinwalker Ranch is one of my all time favorite paranormal mysteries right up there with the Hopkinsville Goblins. It’s a phenomenon that’s caught my attention over the last two years that’s left me absolutely gobsmacked and a tad bit obsessed to boot. I’ve looked up everything I can about this seemingly insignificant ranch land in the middle of Utah, because everything about it is fascinating. Whether it’s one elaborate hoax or one of the most incredible pieces of proof that the paranormal is a very real element of our world as we know it, people won’t soon forget the Skinwalker Ranch any time soon.

Based on the best-selling book by George Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher, “Hunt for the Skinwalker” is a full length documentary chronicling the events of the Skinwalker Ranch. It’s a seemingly serene and innocuous large span of land that has been the sight of some the most astounding, unexplained, and grotesque paranormal phenomenon of the last twenty years. The Skinwalker Ranch has attracted everything from ghosts, cattle mutilations, bright flickering lights in the sky, UFO’s, and unidentified animals that have wandered in to the land and never seen again. So active has the ranch been that it even inspired the US military to intervene and investigate as a means of learning whether this was the elaborate beginning of some kind of hostile invasion on US soil. What is the Skinwalker Ranch? Why is this humongous block of land so special?

What makes it a magnet for all sorts of paranormal activity? Why have all kinds of paranormal beings and anomalies chosen this piece of the world to interact? Are all of these events linked? Is this one humongous elaborate hoax being staged by locals? Why is it so tough to capture solid visual or audio proof of paranormal evidence? Are the descendants of the Native Americans that once owned the land terrorizing the new owners? If so, then what to account for all the eye witness testimonies of strange beings, weird portals, and even a flickering light that caused one resident to die from skin cancer? The question asked over and over during “The Hunt for the Skinwalker” is what is going on in and around this land, and no one seems to know or even understand it. However when director Jeremy Corbell presses eyewitnesses and local residents, they challenge skeptics to come down and spend a few days within the confines of the ranch.

One woman is even drawn to tears, admitting confusion and terror as to why the odd series of events have occurred at her front door, and what it could mean for mankind. Admittedly Jeremy Corbell is a bit sensationalistic with his opening of genuine UFO footage taken of jets following a fleet of UFO’s through the sky. His implications aren’t so much that we’re being invaded, but that something is happening in our world that has stopped becoming science fiction and has transformed in to a legitimate cause of concern for the US government. That said I would have loved some more video footage of the anomalies that occurred, however minimal. Corbell relies most of the time (often too much) on accounts from farmers and owners of the Ranch, along with gruesome footage of the mutilated cattle.

Nevertheless, if you’re a bonafide paranormal enthusiast like moi, you’ll have a tough time turning away from the unfolding of various stories including the witnessing of flickering lights, experiencing a being crawl out of a shimmering bright portal, and the astounding tale of how a group of aggressive bulls ended up in a holding container where the doors were never once opened or closed. “Hunt for the Skinwalker” is a compelling, creepy, albeit imperfect, paranormal documentary. One that will likely cling to you and keep you up nights.

Available to own on digital September 11 and to stream on demand September 19.