023_Greta_S (2018) [Slamdance Film Festival 2019]

Director Annika Birgel short thriller asks: How far are you (or anyone) willing to go to get the job of your dreams? Set during a casting call, young Greta is called in to the office of a director and his assistant. Being subjected to various questions for the sake of getting to know her and connect her to his character on his film, his vague questions about her life turns in to very invasive and emotionally upsetting probes about her love life, and her family.

Soon the very upbeat and bright eyed Greta is transformed in to a quivering crying mess, and the director seems to have found the clay that he wants to mold for his project. Focused mostly on actress Lilian Mazbouh with a close up on her face, her performance is tremendous, as she manages to devolve and transform her emotions so subtly it’s startling once you realize how much she’s changed.

Director Birgel keeps the camera planted on her for almost the entire film and she commands it well. Her turn from a grinning novice to someone who is visibly shaking from the absolutely invasive and upsetting interview is powerful. Once we realize how far she’ll go to get the job she’s always wanted, it becomes somewhat upsetting for us.

The Slamdance Film Festival runs every year from January 25th to January 31st.